Mishka Tees!

We got Mishka tees here! When Mishka asked us to collaborate on the Cycotics brand they originally asked for just a couple of hat designs. But we whipped them into a tee-jersey and Cyco Simon mascot froth. 4 styles available. White & Black colorways of the Cycotics City logo. With the Mishka trademark “78” in custom Cycotics numbering with the Mishka wordmark we created.

We also did two Cyco Simon mascot tees. One in Black, full color running the rivals mascot down. And a signature Clink behind-the-scenes style sketch of Cyco Simon on white.

Get the Mishka X Clink Room tees here. The circle is now complete.


8 thoughts on “Mishka Tees!

  1. Love the sketch shirt, just noticed there’s a face in the mouth… I’m sure it’s the guy who’s dressed as Cyco Simon, but I’ll pretend it’s somebody Cyco gobbled-up to add to the amusement

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