College Rain Delay Jousting

Now this is a way to fill time during a rain delay. Rain delays are a big problem for most of our clubs. Jason and I have always theorized that there’s got to be someway to turn that lemon into lemonade. Jousting is a start. If I owned a club I’d make rain delays into a giant slip-n-slide, water fight, Bollywood style rain-god celebration. If you guys have any ideas for how to fill that time, hit us up in the comments. You could literally change the baseball industry with your ideas in these here comments. Go!

Kick this weekend’s ass everyone!


3 thoughts on “College Rain Delay Jousting

  1. Back in April at Petco Park they put on the Rockies game during the rain delay. It was still a fun experience since it was my first ever. I still had fun watching the grounds crew, joking with friends, and eating unhealthy concessions. Not to mention the seat upgrade.

    So if it were my choice maybe there could be a way to kill the stadium lights and project down onto the massive tarp over the infield and run video to keep fans entertained.
    music video karaoke competition where fans can rock out to baseball themed songs on green screen broadcasted through the park and jumbotron.
    An interactive trivia game ran through cell phone technology with a prize. (imagine a QR code the size of a jumbotron screen!) Ooh, iPhone home run derby. Somehow broadcast an app where one user at a time can be the batter and try to swing for the fences.
    Mascot battles. Vote for which sausage, phanatic, or fish reigns supreme in a tournament like medieval times or a monster truck rally.
    That’s all for now!

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