I Need a Girl Scout Sash

Well, The Clink Room needs a Girls Scout sash. Scratch that, The Clink Room needs something like a Girl Scout sash. Something to put all of our patches on. I feel as if they’re kinda like merit badges and that they need a sash-esque place to call home. Know what I mean? A letterman’s jacket? A giant blank hat? A sticker book?

Shout out any ideas you have in the comments. If your idea gets used not only will we be indebted to you for eternity. But We’ll shower you with Clink Room merchandise, you’ll get Clink patches from now till the end of time, and whatever sash-esque thing you invent of course.


47 thoughts on “I Need a Girl Scout Sash

  1. What about oversized felt pennants? A large league name and league logo could be featured on each, with room around the outside for that respective league’s patches? It would be reminiscent of being a kid and having all your favorite teams – in every sport – represented on your bedroom wall!

  2. I think a letterman varsity jacket suites the Clink Room aesthetic well… it has the sports look and you can load it with patches. If the authentic varisty with leather sleeves is a steep price you can opt for a fleece or french terry option version of a varsity. Or another option would be a military type woven shirt or a scouty/camper/ranger type woven shirt.

    If you want to go a accessories route you can do a backpack/messenger bag/duffle bag and load it with patches like these http://thumbnail.image.rakuten.co.jp/@0_mall/icefield/cabinet/stussyacce/img56225720.jpg?_ex=240×240





  3. What about oversized felt pennants? Each one would feature the individual league name and league logo with room around the edges for each league’s respective team patches? It would be reminiscent of being a kid and having all your favorite teams – in every sport! – represented by their pennants covering your bedroom walls.

  4. you guys should make a limited edition hat trunk – like the trunks the rich folk would take on steamer ships – and cover it with your patches… that way Clink fans can spread the word while globetrotting.

  5. I like Jeff’s idea, but I was think along the lines of the old cub scout shirts where they were patched all over on the front and the sleeves. Also give you a chance to bust out a clink room bandana, which would be pretty sweet. Could also rock out a couple different versions for different Levels/Leagues along the lines blue/cub-boys scouts khaki/weeblos. Just some food for thought in the early morning

  6. How about a strip of fabric made from the same wool as the 5950 that people could hang wherever they want—the office, the den, etc.

  7. Remember when the State Quarters came out? Remember how everyone and their brother was selling some sort of decorative holder for those quarters? Maybe something like this:
    You could include a spot for each patch. Maybe do a collage of images (sketches, previous versions, other concepts, etc.) as the background.

    Maybe a small binder with a page for each patch. On each page you could include some skecthes the person used to hash out their idea and the back story of each team/patch. That way when a new patch comes a new page could be added to the binder.

  8. I like Nathan’s idea, but what if it were a felt banner instead? It would offer more room for patches and Clink branding.

  9. How about an official Clink Room team duffle bag. Can be used as a gym bag or a “carry on”. This way, where ever you may travel… you can help show your support for The Clink Room. I could see walking through the airport with my limited edition “One and One Fifty” accompanied by my patch filled duffle bag. I think it would allow ample room for many patches to come in the future.

  10. You need an “outfield wall.” Like a baseball team would have ads or Hall of Fame Jersey Numbers. Each time a new design is created the wall gets added to with a giant sticker of the team/logo and maybe the date/year

  11. i think a wall is a good idea and my idea is similar to coachsixstring….i think a collage would be pretty cool to see…so if you could have a wall and then collage all the patches there that would be pretty dope…

  12. What about a sash that incorporates the clink room logo. Maybe have pencil sash. Another idea I had was to have league banners where at the top of the banners it has the league names and at the bottom their is blank space to put the patches for the particular leagues.

  13. backpacks for sure, plenty of room on the shoulder straps. plus, there is always room to add more straps.

    suspenders can be plan b.
    [no pun intended]

  14. I think a hoody would be sick too, it’s not a jacket or tee, right in the middle. I always wanted an item that featured all the winning collabo designs somehow, this maybe a good method. Would the patches be sold individually at any point?

    • Yeah, I’d like to offer the patches individually and in limited quantity at some point. There are some great ideas in here. Keep em coming.

  15. What about a Clink Room floor mat? It might seem strange to have patches on a floor mat, but I think a floor mat designed by you guys would be really fresh and a great way to display your patches. It’s not something that draws too much attention to itself, but at the same time would definitely make a good talking piece/ source of pride.

  16. What about a CR branded sketech pad cover? You could put the patches on it. It would be a great way to encourage everyone to keep sketching! It could come bundled with a pad of drawing paper and a Clink Room pencil.

  17. What about a Clink Cardigan…almost the same as the letterman jacket…sort of the letterman jacket before the letterman jacket, plus it would be a whoe lot cheaper for clinkers….or a blank clink color purple backpack with the clinck room script raised in embroidered across the top.

  18. Man I love these “Clinkstorming” sessions!

    Which of these ideas are worthy of celebrating everyone’s work? Love the baseball themed pennant idea, but would you collect them? Where would you display them?

    I’m most intrigued by the sketchbook/laptop Messenger Bag. Simply take your bag and patches to your local dry cleaner (every dry cleaner sews and does alterations). It should cost you a few bucks.


  19. With apologies in advance for yanking the thread off-topic: Casey and Jason… are you guys ready to wrap your heads around branding the Pensacola Blue Wahoos? I can’t wait to see what you come up with (though I must admit that I was partial to Loggerheads).

  20. love the messenger bag idea…the banners are cool, but i want something that i can show off and use, as opposed to something to just hang on a wall.

    i think it would be INCREDIBLE if you could get the bag shoulder strap to look the same as the new era 59fifty ribbon that is in the inside of the caps

  21. The pennant idea would be great if it was like the Championship banners that you can get that list all the years on them but for the clink room it should be pencil shaped with the rough screening on the felt outlining the pencil. I like the computer/messenger bag idea as well. It’s always nice to have a better option then the boring flat colored ones that are out there at any given time. There are so many different elements that are customizable on a bag if you really get into it from the pockets to the straps to even the inner lining like my oakley bag has on the laptop sleeve. love all the ideas being thrown out here.

  22. I think a big clink map would work well. Create a cool looking map and simply place the patches (as stickers, as embroidered patches hung with tacs, or sew patches on if the map is made of fabric, etc.) wherever the teams are located on the map. Then hang the map up on the wall for the world to see, and add new patches whenever they are created. Eventually, there could be hundreds of patches on this map, which would look really cool.

  23. I would cop a laptop/messenger bag for sure. I think if it had some clever clink touches it could be really cool. Maybe make the strap itself like a giant pencil.

  24. you could just do a normal shirt with patches sashed about like an actual banner across ones chest. you can make ones with different colors and patches for the different leagues, and then a ultimate one with everything combined. all depends on how you want to sell it

  25. CAPE!!! Plenty of patch real estate. Practical. Functional. Trendsetting. Children will love it. Those young at heart/drunk will love it. It’s a great idea, trust me.

  26. How about a canvas vest with a big embroidered clink room logo on the back and room for the patches on the front?

    Maybe a Bucket Hat?

    I liked the idea of a 5950 wool sash, but maybe we could make it a scarf!

    A felt poster with your logo to put the patches on would be pretty cool. That could be just thumbtacked up OR framed. And it would be inexpensive and relatively portable.

    How about a classic 5950 with the clink room logo done small in a flawless style. Patches could be put all over, or just one at a time. They could be available in different solid colors too.

  27. Really diggin’ the messenger bag idea. But it would have to scream Clink, make it out of the same material of the 59Fifty. The base could be a pinstripe and the flap could mimic the brim of the hat, the underside being green. I mean over the top, eyelets, inside seams… everything! LOL, probably would cost a fortune!

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