Oh! Snap Backs

Check this great site celebrating all things snap backs. Oh! Snap Backs (here) is just about the most comprehensive collective of a sub-sub-fasion genre you’re going to find. And that’s why it’s great. What’s the future of the web? I’ll bet on going deep. Sure they’re will always be agregators, but I love that there are passionate people doing passion things in their small corner of the World. Keep it up Oh! Snap Backs! Hopefully, The Clink Room will have a snap back to contribute to the volumes of Oh! Snap Backs’ tomes.

Do you guys have any sites that are documenting something super specific and are super specialists?


2 thoughts on “Oh! Snap Backs

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  2. I have recently stumbled onto a site that is a wealth of information about Harmony brand guitars of the 50’s-70’s and other catalog acoustics and electrics of the era. I am no expert in that niche but I can appreciate the intricate variations in style and technology that changed over the years. Dive in: http://harmony.demont.net/

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