Clean-Up: May Edition

Hope you guys had a good Memorial Day. We have some service men out there that I’m proud to call Clinkers. We’re grateful for your service fellas!

Ever once in a while I like to put a post together of interesting things that people have sent me, things we’ve found floating around the Clink-uverse or things just buzzing around the web. Here we go…

Masaya Okamoto, hailing from Kamagaya, Chiba Japan sent this great photo of him in his Syracuse Chiefs Edition and some Minor League players from his town. Here’s what Masaya had to say…

“Hello The Clink Room
In this time, I took picture with Japanese baseball players and The clink room baseball cap. My town (Kamagaya,Chiba) has Baseball team, Kamagaya Fighters(like a minor team). Recently, I go to watch baseball game every weekend. I hope you can came to my town, and watch baseball game!

Masaya Okamoto”

We love us some Japan! Hopefully we can get a couple gigs over there in the next year or so. In a few weeks we’ll be offering a small promotion to help raise a few bucks for the Japan Tsunami Relief effort. It’s a little late in coming. Better late than never I guess. Keep an eye out for that.

We get a lot of love from the fitted hat blog world out there (it’s a bigger world than you’d think). We always appreciate it. They really help us get The Clink Room word out. I was contacted by a site that’s new to me but is well done and looks like it’s got a bright future. Andy Hung’s 5950addict is a great curation of the New Era hat. You can tell Andy’s a passionate guy. Keep up the good work Andy!

Here is a video you may have seen already but I don’t care. It’s of a woman crying because a new In-N-Out was just opening in the Dallas area. I too would have cried if In-N-Out opened an outpost in Brooklyn when I lived there. Now, thankfully, I live in S.D. and am a short drive from no less than 5 In-N-Outs.

Speaking of the Dallas areas, here’s a photo of a couple Clinkers at the San Antonio Sneaks Up 5. Its TScrooge and Kixpos Juan Carlos. Juan Carlos, hailing from the Dallas area, is one of the nicest most enthusiastic Clinkers we’ve got and Clinkixpo, I mean Kixpo will be unveiling a collaboration towards the end of summer. It’s some great looking stuff and we’re excited to be working with them. Go get a Double-double animal style for me fellas.

Tomorrow! We begin to tell the story of Jason Villanti’s epic Sludgebugs Reject League cap! It goes on sale this weekend and it’s a beaut. Till tomorrow!


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