The Ultimate Doorbell Drop

READ THIS!!!! Ramo posted this on The Clink Room’s Facebook page and it gives new definition to the term “doorbell drop”.

Ramo wrote…

“TRUE STORY: Yesterday I heard the mailman down the block so I made my way to the door. I could see him he could not see me standing in the door. He opens the door, back towards me I run up on him as he turns around I grab the box and he grabs his chest and falls to the ground. I run back in the house he’s still on the ground. I open my box and The Altoona is the truth. I think about the mailman on the ground and then it hits me, call for help. Moral of the story is…..I don’t really have one. Jason… Casey great job.”

Ramo, is the postman OK? What was wrong with him? Can someone animate this for us? Priorities right? Ramo, I’ll give you $50 in Clink Room Store credit if you get a picture with you, the postman, and the Altoona cap! $100 if it’s a picture of him clutching his chest and you have your back to him staring at the cap.

Sewer Gators Vote: Heads or Tails?

I can’t decide! It’s driving me crazy. Tom has expressed his interest in HEADS. I agree. But then on the other hand, I love the mystery of TAILS. Ugh!! So we’re taking it to you, HEADS or TAILS? You call it! Shout-out your votes in the comments. I wanna see some bickering. I need to be convinced of which to pick.
Kick this weekend’s ass everyone!

UPDATE: One of the things that kicked off this HEADS or TAILS confusion was this great photo sent to me by Efra. Forgot to add it. Great find Efra!

“Conan” : By John Kascht

This is an epic way to burn 27 minutes. It follows the exhaustive process that the caricaturist, John Kascht, goes through to capture the character essence of Conan O’brien. From sketches and studies, even sculpture! Inspiring stuff. And a great example of how great work is created through…well, work.

Interview: Josh Slay Walbats Designer

As the great Walbats inches towards sell-out status. I thought we’d ask Josh Slay a few questions about the cap, working with us here in The Clink Room, and seeing his hat up in The Clink Room Store and on the heads of Clinkers round the World. Josh is a passionate guy and he had some great insight.

What was the process of coming up with the Walbats design?

I really wanted a fresh looking W that would appeal to the masses. Coming up with the concept, I had a couple things in mind…Basic, fresh and clean. I like the idea of an evil looking W. That sounded fly to me. I also had lil wayne in mind. Thinking of a fitted that would fit perfectly into his collection. A hard looking W that is very rugged but yet so fresh. I didn’t get a chance to get him in a Walbats but I’m sure one of my designs will be in his closet someday.

Did you feel like the cap and tee was a good realization of you vision?

I thought the Walbats was a pretty clear realization of my vision. I would have changed the whole patch idea and had them actually sew it on the side of the caps. That definitely would have added a extra bang to the caps. I mean those patches are like a seal of approval. They are basically stickers that could end up in the trash. If they were on the caps that wouldn’t happen. As far as the t-shirts go, it would sick to drop them with caps at the same time. I got a lot of requests for a tee to rock with the caps.

What was it like to see your cap in the Clink store?

It was inspiring to see my design in the store. It gave me the confidence to start my own brand, Illegal Fitted which will be launching this summer. I know my unique ideas will add something fresh and exciting to the fashion and fitted hat world.

What was it like to see your hat in photos, being worn by people from allover the World?

Seeing the walbats being rocked around the World was amazing to me! All kinds of people from everywhere rocking my idea was like a blessing in fitted hat form. To get so much love off one little idea made a major impact on my life.

What would you like Clink to do with your design next?

I can see the Walbats being fitted hat classic. I don’t want it to just fade away. I would like it get restocked with a brand new colorway. I’ve got a bunch of ideas for colorways. And it definitely needs some fresh t-shirts to go along with the next colorway release!

Do you have any advice for people creating their own designs for Clink’s Collaboration Leagues?

My tip anyone designing is to be original. Don’t be scared to think outside the box. You only live once so be as creative as possible! I would also like to add this, I can honestly say The Clink Room has changed my life in a major way. I wasn’t exactly living the most positive lifestyle and when I first bought that Tulsa drillers cap, it just gravitated towards me for some reason. The Clink Room gave me a lane to completely switch my life up. These fitted hats are the platform to everything I want out of life. I will always support and promote The Clink Room till I touch the casket.

First “Rally Cap” in Baseball History

Now Available! The first Official On-Field Rally Cap in Baseball History! (Check this last week’s posts for the story behind the creation on this cap.) IIn 2010 Jason and Casey dreamed up a fresh look for Altoona Curve, Double A Affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates. One of our pledges to our clubs is, “Let us make your team famous.” At our first Curve game we witnessed the rare and mysterious rally mascot, “Al Tuna.” Al Tuna materializes from the outfield wall when the team is in need of a rally. That’s when we had an aha-moment, “Let’s create baseball’s first Official On-Field Rally Cap!” Players and fans now unite as a rally tuna army, guiding the Curve to victory.

This 59/Fifty features a “brick” fabric outer fabric with an orange satin inner lining and printed “Al Tuna” the rally tuna eyes. This cap embodies the insanity and fun of Minor League Baseball better than any cap we’ve ever designed.

Own a piece of history here in the Clink Room store.

The Rally ….

We’ve all come to know and love the Rally Monkey. The Angels iconic monkey that appears when the team need some strategic hype. For the uninitiated….

But lets face it the original rally icon started many moons before any Rally Monkey. It started in the dugouts of Little League fields around the World. The baseball cap turned inside-out is one of our favorite icons in baseball. On par with beer and hotdogs.

Now the Altoona Curve have a great tradition. Whenever the team is in a need rally situation. A very special character makes an appearance. From a small door in the outfield emerges Al Tuna (Get it, Al Tuna=Altoona). The Rally Tuna! Mythical. Ridiculous. Awesome.

Tomorrow, we turn every Altoona Curve cap wearin’ fool into an army of Rally Al Tunas. First Official On-Field rally cap in baseball history available in The Clink Room!

Relentless Variations

When you sign on to work with Jason and myself we go deep. We have a no questions asked-back to the drawing board promise. I’m leaving out about 50% of the concepts that we did for the Curve. That’s how relentless we are.

The team liked the engineer direction but wanted to make him a little less Pirate and a little more Ralph Kramden. Here’s a run that we did showing a bunch of variations on the theme. An exercise like this is one of the best parts of our job. It really stretches you. You feel like you’re lifting weights with your mind grapes.