Clink Room’s Best: El Azteca

I thought we’d start a best-of series for The Clink Room and of course that means it’s a best-of in Jason and my opinion. To start things off, I’m going to go with a softball pitch of a category: Taco Shops. Now, this is 100% subjective and I’ve even had better carne asada burritos than this recently. But if I want a nostalgic taste of home this means El Azteca Taco Shop in La Mesa, our home turf.

Jason and I have had more Plan B. Branding conversations over El Azteca, AKA “Teca”, carne asada burritos than any other place on the planet. Teca’s burritos are our baseline for taco shops. It hits all the right notes. Hole-in-the-wall, friendly, great hot sauce, big burritos. Our buddy McQ gets double wrapped, I like mine with a sour cream add. Now, NYC has the best food options on the planet. But they can’t seem to get Mexican right. Even Judah Friedlander, comedian and star of “30 Rock” knows what’s up. He said this recently “,San Diego has the best burritos in the country. Any $2 burrito shack in San Diego will blow away any place in New York City. We gotta step it up.”(NYMag link here.) I agree no rice no beans, big, I mean huge, thin tortilla.

As Tina Fey would say “I want to go to there.” And you should too. Here’s El Azteca’s Google places page.


3 thoughts on “Clink Room’s Best: El Azteca

  1. i know some dudes who named their band after this place. called themselves For25, the price of the carne asada burrito lol

  2. IRS not saying much to top a NYC burrito. The east coast has no idea. I’ll give SD their propers, but the mission in San Francisco is home to the world’s best burritos. Specifically el faralito. The al pastor burrito is the burrito all others are judged by. Just one homer’s opinion.

  3. If we’re talking about 619 taco shops I need to show love for Lolita’s in Chula Vista. They expanded to a spot behind PetCo Park but the original off of L St/Telegraph Canyon Rd has been the first and last stop to and from the airport for any visiting out-of-towners and, sadly, I haven’t found a suitable replacement for the carnitas chimichanga since leaving the South Bay. “Patience is the essence of fine Mexican food”

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