B.T.S.: Williamsport Pt.4

Here’s the final logo set. One of the biggest family of marks that we’ve ever done for a club. There are a lot of good potential Edition cap logos in this group.


10 thoughts on “B.T.S.: Williamsport Pt.4

  1. Wow, what a layout, it’s like a buffet! even got a pinecone in there! Woodpecker is also an interesting addition. How often does he get used?

  2. Seeing the intricate custom wordmark created for Williamsport reminds me of something I wondered about during the Altoona B.T.S. series. Like the Crosscuters, the Curve logo featured a custom, team-name inspired custom font. Unlike the Cutters, though, the Curve use a (in my opinion) rather generic script font on their uniforms. Why is that? Are there any other teams that deal with these types of wordmark issues?

    A second question: it was mentioned in a distant post, that Nai of StrictlyFitteds.com gave insight during the creation of the “W” saw. Can you elaborate any more on that mark and its inspiration/creation?

  3. Question: Why is the “C” on the log logo skewed more than the “C” in the Crosscutters wordmark? Was there a reason behind that decision?

  4. All these have a level of ornateness. (is that a word?) Has that ever been an issue with how the marks are reproduced and used?

    The woodpecker is great. Too bad you can’t use it again for another team that would focus on it.

  5. The lumberjack has crazy eyes! He looks kinda psycho. Not sure if I like it or not. I like the idea that it might be intimidating, but he looks like he should be some friendly lumberjack from down the road. Hmmm.

  6. Legendary! I’d love that Pine cone on my sleeve.

    I also see a lot of potential for the flannel he’s wearing. Underbill? Raglan sleeves? Color of the Jersey Numbers? Another Rally cap!

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