Yankees are Wife Swappers

Wanna read about one of the strangest stories not only in life but in baseball? Read about these two Yankees pitchers who swapped wives, houses, kids and even dogs in 1973 while they were both pitching for the Yankees.

“Don’t make anything sordid out of this,” said the 31-year-old Peterson, a twenty-game winner in 1970 who was then living with Kekich’s wife, Susanne, in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. The 27-year-old Kekich agreed. “Don’t say this was wife- swapping, because it wasn’t,” Kekich said. “We didn’t swap wives, we swapped lives.”

Here’s the article from New York Magazine. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are trying to make a movie out of the story! Does that make Damon and Affleck’s wives think something’s weird about their relationship? It’s all weird.


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