Clink Hearts Japan Pt. 1

As promised, and as a way to get you guys excited for a Japan themed Clink Kong patch, here is part 1 photo journal of Jason and my trip to Japan. We were fortunate enough to be taken to the Land of the Rising Sun on business. And our hosts were amazing. Full-time tour guides and translators. Great meals. It was awesome. We were there for a great project too. Help infamous baseball player and manager Senichi Hoshino brand himself. Aside from his many on-field achievements, Mr. Hoshino is a huge pop culture figure in Japan. He was even voted father of the year (Yeah, they vote on that. Awesome.). It was our first time to Japan so everything was interesting to us. Vending machines, the fact that Jason could get his Dr. Pepper fix, advertising, leaves.


7 thoughts on “Clink Hearts Japan Pt. 1

  1. Yeah…gonna need that patch. Awesome that you guys had tour guides and the whole deal. I’m curious to know more about the branding of Mr. Hoshino. I also think a Japan themed hat is in order, I’ll be first in line!

  2. Yeah it’s pretty awesome. I’ve been there 4 times and I’ve enjoyed the scenery as well as the wonderful people and the spirit of Japan a great deal.

  3. And here I was hoping that your business trip to Japan was a precursor to one – or MORE – Nippon Professional Baseball team’s sporting Plan B Branding identity packages in the near future.

    Hmmmmmmmmm… I think I sense an idea for the Clink Room’s next “League” coming on: fictitious Japanese pro baseball franchises. Better yet… let’s expand the concept. How about franchises that would take the field in the Pacific Rim Baseball League? Or, given the Clink Room’s propensity for humorous entries, do we go with the Ring of Fire League (aka ROFL)?

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