Clink Hearts Japan Pt. 2

We had 10 days in Japan for our trip. Our goal, whether it’s Japan or Pensacola, is to submerge ourselves in that city or countries vibe as much as humanly possible. I’ll admit, it’s exhusting. But it’s always fascinating. From tourist spots to Tower Records. We try to see, do and eat as much as possible. Here’s a tip. Wanna get stuff for friends and family on your international trips? I always go for magazines and books. I came back with a giant stack of magazines from Tower. Everything from fashion to home decor. People always freak for them. Look at this fantastic subway sign!

We even had time to meet up with my roommate and a really good friend from college. Toru and I lived together for 4 years. He works at Toyota now as a designer. And Takashi is crazy and awesome. When I first met him he had dreads down to his ass. He’s so scared of flying that he would buy tickets on shipping freighters to get from Tokyo to NYC. I miss both these guys.


4 thoughts on “Clink Hearts Japan Pt. 2

  1. I too found the safety and warning signs in Japan to be fascinating. Every sign has an illustrative quality to it, some are detailed, some simple, some have an anime feel, some are funny but they always get the point across. I also noticed alot of signs concerned with manners and courtesy as opposed to merely safety – this speaks volumes about the culture.
    Another great visual are Japanese manhole covers, so varied in design and color and composition, definitely works of art for sure. Each city is so unique. I took some pics of my own but this gallery better illustrates the variety:

    • We had the idea for The Clink Room on this trip! Before we went to Japan we had a job in Hawaii, rough right? The Clink Room was first thought of in Hawaii and then we talked about it the entire time we were in Japan. So there you go.

  2. That is pretty major right there, the clink was conceived way out in the middle of the Pacific! I actually created the Shams at my In-laws spare room in Nagoya, Japan as well. Wrote a couple tracks there too, Ive always thought of it as a place of great inspiration!
    Im looking forward to tomorrows post and seeing what you guys did for Hoshino-san.

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