Clink Hearts Japan Pt. 4

I know some of you may have been looking forward to seeing the work we did for Hoshino-san. And I would love to be able to show you, but I can’t. Sorry for the buzz-kill. Maybe someday. But I can show you the one picture I have of our meeting. It took place in a hotel in Kobe. Yes, we had steak at the meeting. It was all very covert ops. We waited in the lobby till they prepped the room then we went up then Hoshino-san came in and we got to hang-out and pepper him with questions. Even though he’s not famous in the U.S. we still saw him everywhere, TV ads, the printed ads hanging in the subway. By the time we had our meeting it was very exciting. And he was a really cool, funny dude.

This poor dude had to wear a full Rudolph get-up in front of department store.

Some of the most memorable parts of the trip were the most surprising. Being terrified at how fast the bullet train from Tokyo to Kobe was. So freakin’ fast. I couldn’t sleep the first night, so at 3:30 am I woke up and went for a run around our hotel. It was our first 24 hours in Country, so everything was fascinating and with it all being so quiet while I ran around the buildings, across rivers, and around the Emperor’s Palace. It was very surreal and memorable.

We also went to a few Buddhist temples. This one had these great, Ginko?, trees all dressed in yellow. Those drawers all had different prayers in them.


2 thoughts on “Clink Hearts Japan Pt. 4

  1. Casey, thanks for sharing your trip to Japan!

    Do you guys ever just stop and say “we have an amazing life!”? I really respect the work you guys do, and Plan B (and the Clink Room) is an inspiration for me.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks again for the great images from Japan.


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