Robert’s-WSOP Run!

Now I don’t know jack about poker but Clinker Robert Wiercinski had me pumped for it over the last week. Robert is a pro-poker player and he represented The Clink Room in a major way at this year’s World Series of Poker. He was giving me updates throughout the event and it was really exciting to see his rankings at the end of each day. Also fun, seeing him intimidate the competition decked out in Clink Room gear. I’m probably going to get this wrong but Robert was in 92nd place at one point (92nd out of the 6,865 who entered is pretty damn impressive!). I think he closed one night out with a cool $129,600. In the end he ultimately lost in position 927 out of the 6,865 starting players. Robert, thanks for the updates and for representing us so well! You’ll get em next year with new Clink Room bells on!

“just to clarify the info in your blog entry. you got most of the numbers right but were a little off on the interpretation. yes, i finished 927th overall and yes i was in 92nd position after the first day, but only in terms of the players who started the day i started. there were four different starting days because of the sheer number of players in the tournament. and mid tournament chip counts do not determine payouts. payouts are determined by what place your go out of the tournament (lose all your chips). i went out in 927th position overall and i missed out on the money by 234 spots as they paid 693 places. so i did not get paid 100k+, unfortunately. thanks again for your support!”

Thank you Robert!


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