Clinkers Around-the-World July 2011

Every once in a while we like to take a walk around the Clink-uverse. Kicking it off is one of Jeffe Crupper’s buddy’s sons, Samuel Mende, playing his first innings in pro-ball for our Casper Ghosts. He’s batting .378 with a .440 OBP and .978 SLG. Pretty epic start!

Here, I lost my way. I forgot where I got these photos from. Shout-out your photo credits in the comments. Sorry about that. If I see a photo that I like, then I save it in a folder. But I forgot to note where I got it from. Again, sorry.


3 thoughts on “Clinkers Around-the-World July 2011

  1. Great to see Sam Mende tearing it up in his first few weeks of pro ball. 18 RBIs and 18 hits in 14 games, 13 of which are extra base hits, and 6 of which are HR. Can’t get a much better start to your pro career than that. I thought it was especially cool that he got to play for a Clink Room/Plan B team!

  2. Well well well look who fell in the well. Thank you for making the vampire now famous. Honestly this was the last place I thought i would show up. Thank you so very much for the honor. Here I just came to check on the Mishka since I am wearing it to work today in a dusty plant. Live from Clinkington, (covington) Ga

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