Behind-the-Scenes: Base Stealers Pt. 1

Efra’s Base Stealers coming at you with spikes up! Lets kick-off our next drop as we always do with our favorite, a behind-the-scenes look at Efra’s process. The cap will be sneak-peaked Friday and of course, available Sunday!

When Efra sent over his inspiration and sketches he had this to say…

“I spent a lot time thinking about the concept then when I had a good idea it went pretty fast so these sketches aren’t as polished as others you’ve featured on the site. Looking back I really like the 4th sketch, way more simple, but I was dead set on a Mr. Red inspired logo, haha!”

I love that, a man who has a vision. If I remember correctly, I think Efra’s Base Stealers was a one-n-done. Which is always a coup. Check out all these great influences.

Tomorrow, Efra hits the sketchbook.

Mustachioed Cane Jesters

Jeffe! He’s back with a vengeance! I really like your mustache entry and the bean-and-cheese colorway really gets my nostalgic blood pumping. But we’ve got a great mustache entry already. While I haven’t decided yet, I’m leaning towards a first-in-line thing, if that’s one of the winning entries. The idea is so simple, it really can’t be improved or changed or added to. But we’ll see.

But! This Canes entry IS the best entry from Jeffe, ever. It’s beautifully designed Jeff. You should be really really proud. I love the hell out of this mark. Great work! One-and-done.

Kevin! Yes, this is some advanced designing right here. Kevin is teaching a master class in one color design. Check out how he gives us a two colored joker’s cap by cutting that middle point of the hat into the positive space with a negative shape. Amazing. I have one suggestion Kevin. I want him happy. Evil happy. Like he died with a Batman’s Joker type smile on his face. He should still be a skull and I think he should still have fangs. Maybe just flip those eyes over? Add a curve to the upper teeth with a few more fangs for good measure? As always, a great entry.

Sea Devils – SOLD OUT!

Wow, Sea Devils have sold out in just a few short weeks. We’ve sold out of plenty of caps here in The Clink Room, but no style has sold out this quickly. It’s a testament to Chris’ great design and to the love and support all you Clinkers are showing for what we’re doing. The Clink Room is approaching it’s 2nd anniversary, and I can’t think of a better sign that we’re onto something!

Shams are also on a faster pace than we expected. So get it while the gettin’s good.

Prehistoric Culebras Octopi

Ian! Great revision. I love how a complicated design becomes simplistic. Really cool. Great colorway. Done!

Christian! This is an epic name. Full disclosure though, I’m nervous about using the Octopi name because I believe it’s been trademarked. But don’t despair. In the same way that Chris mashed a devil with a sea horse, you too can take this design to a totally new place by mashing it with something else. What about the Flying Octopi? What about making him a fortuneteller and turning his big head thing into a turban. Don’t they use octopi to predict the World Cup? I also want those tentacles to be more dramatic. They should be swirling around him. I think you could really turn this into something amazing. Keep going!

Alright! Ryan and Efra! Good team/mind combo and great design. Simple, dynamic. One-and-done! Lets see another from you guys.

Cyborg Tikis

Drew! I love this concept, the thing that really is going to work here is that great embroidery can be like wood carving and this design will totally highlight that. I also don’t think you need the white, just a lighter brown maybe even a yellow if you want to tug on my 80s Padres heart strings. Great job!

Jim Debo! Good name. Kinda a futuristic name too! I love this entry. I can see using an iridescent thread for this guy. Maybe just silver? Either way, really cool design and entry. I think this may be our first one-and-done. Way to go!

Lawn Squids

Yes! Great comments. And yes, I know brontosaurus is no longer classified as a dinosaur. Duh. Of course I knew that, you didn’t think I knew that? Actually, I think triceratops might be in the same boat. Samuel III ask your daughter. I have an 11 month old and all I know from his books is that dinosaurs have long sharp claws and long sharp teeth and that there were big dinosaurs and small dinosaurs. And that they like to go to sleep at the end of the book and every time I get to that point in the book I think to myself, “Yeah, the long sleep.” Cause they’re all dead.

Jesse!! Man is Jason going to pull for this entry. Mind you, he’ll want it in fuchsia and teal. Amazing concept and I love all the other stuff you included in the entry but I had to edit it down. Sorry. Can we spice him up a bit? Maybe give him an angry eye? What about one leg up holding a bat with one leg down like it is? Great idea, great entry! The Velleu family’s coming out swinging. I love it.

Kai! Another winner from the last League. I love this guy. I think that you need to make his tentacles longer. Remember, squid have 2 really long tentacles that you could do some really cool stuff with. Maybe swirling around him? They have a spade shape on the end of them too. I also think that you could ditch the light blue and make the eyes negative shapes within the body. Great entry!

Great first week of entries. We’ve got a bunch more great entries coming down the pipe so get excited and start designing. Kick this weekend’s ass everyone!

Buffalo Mustache In A War For America

Hey remember all the fun collaborations of yore? You know what made them great? Everyone commenting on everyone’s designs!!!! Lets help everyone out here!

Samuel! Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival! I really like this concept. And the more I look at it, the more it looks like a buffalo, which is a real feat. I want you to do a few things for me. Ditch the yellow outline. I don’t think you need it. I would make the eye the negative space of the top of the “B”. I think that the nose could be in the same spot but maybe try to encapsulate with a dark outline? I really like the bugle in the original sketch too. You could raise up the ear so that it’s coming out from behind the horn. Maybe then you’ll have room for the horn? What about showing both horns? I think you’r onto something major. Keep pushing it!

Corey! The Chums is a badass name. I love the fish skeleton idea. What if the skeleton was more realistic? What if it was a shark skeleton? Chumming is closely associated with shark hunting right? The concept is solid, tighten it up!

Numero dos! I really like this concept. We’ve got to get the color right. What about a seersucker cap with a black stache? Another solid concept. I can just see the embroidery on this really bringing it to life! 2 big starts, way to go.

Shadow League Extinct Edition!

First 2 entries to the Shadow League and they’re both amazing prehistoric ditties. Love that! I’m a dinosaur nut, by the way, so these entries really strike a cord with me.

First up, Kim! Man I love this little guy. I love how you gave him so much character with only 1 color! This is exactly what I was hoping for! I think this is good to go as is, I even like the funky colorway. Like I said, I like dinosaurs so I’m sold. Way to get us off on the right foot Kim!

Ian! Yes. Such a kick-ass start. A couple things. Make his tail a single shape. It’ll help define the “M” and make the design more dynamic. I also want to see some dramatic antennae. I think right now it could be read as a rib cage or a tribal design. But give it some antenna and you’ll bring it to life. I also really love the coloring in that illustration. What about a steely blue Marrella on a light yellow crown with a steely blue visor? What about a steely blue cap with a light yellow Marrella?

Way to get us off on the right foot Kim and Ian! This League is going to kick butt.