Shadow League Inspiration!

Ryan Connelly sent over this spot-on slideshow of animals in silhouette. If you need help with inspiration or what the heck the Shadow League is all about this will get your gears-a-grindin.

Thanks Ryan and Environmental Graffiti!
We’ll begin posting entries tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Shadow League Inspiration!

  1. Looking forward to some entries!!

    I’ve been brainstorming for days and I think I’ve finally come up with a solid entry.
    Hope I can recreate it in Illustrator though, cause I’ve never used it before ^_^;;

  2. These photos are not really shadow-like though i really like the photographs.
    Stand in the sun and take a look at your own shadow or of other objects’ shadows, you might get surprised too.

    • I think shadow and silhouette is essentially the same thing for this League. I understand that Shadow League is a little misleading, but it’s succinct.

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