Shadow League Extinct Edition!

First 2 entries to the Shadow League and they’re both amazing prehistoric ditties. Love that! I’m a dinosaur nut, by the way, so these entries really strike a cord with me.

First up, Kim! Man I love this little guy. I love how you gave him so much character with only 1 color! This is exactly what I was hoping for! I think this is good to go as is, I even like the funky colorway. Like I said, I like dinosaurs so I’m sold. Way to get us off on the right foot Kim!

Ian! Yes. Such a kick-ass start. A couple things. Make his tail a single shape. It’ll help define the “M” and make the design more dynamic. I also want to see some dramatic antennae. I think right now it could be read as a rib cage or a tribal design. But give it some antenna and you’ll bring it to life. I also really love the coloring in that illustration. What about a steely blue Marrella on a light yellow crown with a steely blue visor? What about a steely blue cap with a light yellow Marrella?

Way to get us off on the right foot Kim and Ian! This League is going to kick butt.


12 thoughts on “Shadow League Extinct Edition!

  1. Great start guys! I’m a bit behind, but I have one started and another on deck. My biggest fear is that someone will have the same idea as I do but get it submitted first. There’s just so much great competition and talent in these contests!

    • The other template was great. But I had 2 problems with it. 1. It was too long. When we’d post 3 entries it would become a scroll-a-thon. And 2. Because of the simplicity of the designs having the skewed or coming off the fat side if the hat would be distracting.

      Next contest we’ll return to the old hat template (the 3/4 view) but keep the length of the new one.

  2. Up early… (gov’t work).

    I’m really digging both of these designs. My 5 year old daughter is sort of a dinosaur expert, so I showed her both of them. Her question on the *ahem* brachiosaurus (as she informed me that there is no such animal as a brontosaurus) was “Daddy, why are his legs together?” She loved the design, but that immediately caught her attention. After she brought it up, I can’t stop looking at it. Maybe a more dynamic stance?

    The Missing Marrella is a nice design, but the “m” is tough to see if you don’t know the name and concept. It definitely looks buggish, but maybe it could look more buggish and more m-ish. That’s a tough one.

  3. Casey—I think the straight-on view of the cap is the way to go. I always hated how the designs were half on and half off of the hats. Looked strange to me.

  4. love the colorway of the Brontos…

    Marrellas… love the out-there choice of inspiration. i think its a great bold design look… would love to see a suggestion for a more adventurous colorway… maybe it needs the antennae so its a little clearer what kinda thing it is? maybe not… either way, the shape is cool as hell !!!

  5. I like the marella! It would be tough to wear a white cap in public where it would be a risk to staining factors. Though the Embroidery on that would be epic. Casey is right about adding antennae and making single, non-splitted tail to make it more “M” like.

    The Brontos cap is so much fun! Such a cool character, and with just one color! So what if there’s no longer such thing as a Brontosaurus; if there’s one group that can resurrect this legend, it’s the CLINK Room!

  6. Thanks for the comments. I agree and have added antennae to the Marrella and fixed the tail. It looks MUCH better! I also tried out Casey’s color suggestions. Hopefully you’ll like the result.

  7. Some sweet first entries here!

    Kim – I’m digging (pun intended) the “brontosaurus” I just feel it needs to be a little more curvy to get that “B” shape popping a bit more.

    Ian – Loving the Marrella critter, looking forward to seeing your revision.

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