Buffalo Mustache In A War For America

Hey remember all the fun collaborations of yore? You know what made them great? Everyone commenting on everyone’s designs!!!! Lets help everyone out here!

Samuel! Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival! I really like this concept. And the more I look at it, the more it looks like a buffalo, which is a real feat. I want you to do a few things for me. Ditch the yellow outline. I don’t think you need it. I would make the eye the negative space of the top of the “B”. I think that the nose could be in the same spot but maybe try to encapsulate with a dark outline? I really like the bugle in the original sketch too. You could raise up the ear so that it’s coming out from behind the horn. Maybe then you’ll have room for the horn? What about showing both horns? I think you’r onto something major. Keep pushing it!

Corey! The Chums is a badass name. I love the fish skeleton idea. What if the skeleton was more realistic? What if it was a shark skeleton? Chumming is closely associated with shark hunting right? The concept is solid, tighten it up!

Numero dos! I really like this concept. We’ve got to get the color right. What about a seersucker cap with a black stache? Another solid concept. I can just see the embroidery on this really bringing it to life! 2 big starts, way to go.


14 thoughts on “Buffalo Mustache In A War For America

  1. Love the design for the Buffaloes. The colorway is also great.

    The Chums design is cool, but could use some more color, imo. Same with the mustachios, the current colors don’t stand much.

  2. in order…

    1) Mustachios – agree with the crit about seersucker, i’m all about that faded pink stripe or maybe green. personally, i like the redhead look… maybe just a more “gingery” or “coppery”tone, then stitch the mustache hair pattern in to enhance the “M” in the logo!!!

    2) Buffaloes – love the mustard colorway. i love the work converting all the buffalo elements into the “B”, especially the nose and neck scruff, but my eye says there’s a couple too many lines, maybe? like try it without the lines that separate the chin from the neck, the one above that cuts off the vertical back of the “B” with the bottom curve of the “B”? i think it suits the Clink “less is more” ethos also.

    3) Chums – i think the concept is great, but a more statement-making design could be nice. “chums” also means “buddies”. maybe a pair of fish? 2 severed smiling fish-heads? i say you got room to make something wicked with the double-entendre, which is the most “Shadow League” in concept!

  3. Of the first few concepts posted, Buffaloes has hit the closest to the idea (in my head) of “Shadow League”…that is, using limited color plus shadowplay to conjure something. It’ll be fascinating to watch it progress.

    Chums…you can’t go wrong with fishbone (which would be great to have playing this morning). Agree with the crit notes. I wonder if bringing more expression and personality through detail could set it off. Maybe some tapering lines for the bones instead of blunt terminals? Tanas…interesting thoughts on the double-entendre…I dig it.

    Mustachios…for a second I thought Mr. Pringle was staring me down. Really dig the simplicity, and agree this is probably only a few color exploratories away from success. Again, Tanas has some good points, but I don’t know if you need to zazz it into a letter…when you’re sporting a handlebar mustache, you have all the pizazz you need.

  4. Samuel Johnson III: (quite an impressive name) I like the concept of the Buffaloes, but the design seems a bit too complicated. It’s hard to look at the design and immediately know what it is. Although the more I look at it the easier it is to see and it does become obvious after a while. I’m sure with a little polish this one will be a gem!

    Corey B: I’d like to say you stole my idea with the Mustachios, but since you got yours in first I guess I can’t do that. I had the same idea and a very similar design that I did over last weekend that I just hadn’t bothered to send in. Obviously great minds think alike.

  5. i feel, as it stands, that the buffaloes design is a 2 color design. also, from an embroidery standpoint, i think the logo would be tough to recreate on an actual hat. definitely the right path though. i think it will look great when finished!

  6. bryan –

    yeah, totally… i don’t think the shape of the mustache should be touched at all, but as a proud wearer of a LARGE handlebar mustache myself, if the Clink guys are creative with the stitching pattern if the design makes it, the natural sweep of handlebar mustache hairs will make a **sweeeet** design.


  7. Thanks for all the comments, guys! I’ve been a fan of the collaborations since the Rejects League and to hear this great feedback is truly an honor.

    Samuel! I’m a huge fan of Brown Caps. The blue looks very nice on a brown background and the Buffaloes is a very fierce name. I love the inspiration behind your story. Looks like you took a lot of Casey’s notes, and I can’t wait to see what your final design looks like. Great work!

    How do you think Clink Kong would look with a mustache? =D

    I think the seersucker idea is pretty fresh. If it’s a simple color change that’s needs improvement, it sounds like I don’t need send in an update (which, by the way, is quite the compliment). I went into the league determined to make a cap in a color that hasn’t been used yet (so that means no Navy, Black, Green, Purple and so on). In addition to the freedom of growing a mustache, Mendocino County is also noted for its wineries and microbreweries. So There is Wheat for the Cork (or beer) and Rust Mustache for the Wine. Very clink-worthy, if I say so myself.
    Jeff Crupper, to think alike with the mind that came up with the Tube Sock Ninja is truly an honor! Perhaps if a Tag Team League was the next collaboration, we could use our like minds to form one big Super-Mind! …hey! that could be our team name!

    I totally agree about the Chums. I think this is a solid concept in its simplest form. Definitely a great idea on which to expand and to make it more immaculate. Your ideas are great! I won’t let you down!

  8. Thanks for the compliments guys. In my downtime at work today, I did a lot of sketching and tweaking to my original idea. I came up with a few rough sketches that are taking me in a good direction based on your comments and suggestions. I’ll submit my revision by Sunday.

    Casey B., the colors that you selected for the chums relate well to the story you’re telling. From the sound of it, the Chums are tough guys. Try showing that toughness in your revised art.

  9. mex luthor, my point is i feel it would need 2 thread colors to tell the story/shape. i understand what the contest wants to capture, and it’s 1 simple solid thread color. this is a complicated design… good design, don’t get me wrong… but complicated. i think it can be great we re-worked, and that Sam-III is on the right path. that’s all i meant.

  10. Great designs. I love the Buffalo Soldier storyline and the colors, but feel it could be simplified a little bit with less use of the second color. Try to go more silhouette with the single color.

    The simplicity of the chums is fantastic, but would also like to see an alternate design with a second “chum”.

    The mustache is great and reminds me of the effect of the hat the Plan B guys did with the bulldog teeth. Love the color.

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