Lawn Squids

Yes! Great comments. And yes, I know brontosaurus is no longer classified as a dinosaur. Duh. Of course I knew that, you didn’t think I knew that? Actually, I think triceratops might be in the same boat. Samuel III ask your daughter. I have an 11 month old and all I know from his books is that dinosaurs have long sharp claws and long sharp teeth and that there were big dinosaurs and small dinosaurs. And that they like to go to sleep at the end of the book and every time I get to that point in the book I think to myself, “Yeah, the long sleep.” Cause they’re all dead.

Jesse!! Man is Jason going to pull for this entry. Mind you, he’ll want it in fuchsia and teal. Amazing concept and I love all the other stuff you included in the entry but I had to edit it down. Sorry. Can we spice him up a bit? Maybe give him an angry eye? What about one leg up holding a bat with one leg down like it is? Great idea, great entry! The Velleu family’s coming out swinging. I love it.

Kai! Another winner from the last League. I love this guy. I think that you need to make his tentacles longer. Remember, squid have 2 really long tentacles that you could do some really cool stuff with. Maybe swirling around him? They have a spade shape on the end of them too. I also think that you could ditch the light blue and make the eyes negative shapes within the body. Great entry!

Great first week of entries. We’ve got a bunch more great entries coming down the pipe so get excited and start designing. Kick this weekend’s ass everyone!


15 thoughts on “Lawn Squids

  1. vampire squid! that’s a Shadow League mash for sure…

    Casey’s right, needs more squid identifying detail, but squid are so damn cool, i’m pulling for this concept to get the rework that takes it to the next level!

  2. Love the Lawn Flamingos! Simple, yet effective. And similar to the SeaDevils, would love to see how the stitching could bring the silhouette to life.

    On the Vampire Squid, I wonder if any glow-in-the-dark thread could be used in this design. Maybe Fangs that glow??

  3. In defense of my Brontosaurus– While I’m aware Brontosaurus is no longer considered a dinosaur, when Professor Charles Marsh uncovered a larger and more complete fossil of an Apatosaurus at Como Bluff, he identified it as a new species, dubbing it Brontosaurus. Obviously, we now know that the Brontosaurus and Apatosaurus are one and the same, but Brontosaurus is still an recognizable term for referring to this sauropod. :)

    Anyway, Kai, I LOVE the concept of the Vampire Squids. This is going to be a really great design!

  4. Thanks for the comments! I was trying to stay anatomically correct. If you look here , vampire squid don’t have the two long tentacles, just the 8 same-size ones, and their eyes and light-things are actually fluorescent blue. Would it definitely be better to stray from the real body? I can definitely make the tentacles longer, but I didn’t want to make the logo too tall.

    • It’s a good point Kai. True that it’s accurate to the Vampire Squid, but not many people know what the Vampire squid looks like. The idea of a Vampire crossed with a squid that we know and love (to eat with marinara) is what you should be going for. Know what I’m saying? Maybe get those tentacles longer except for the 2 middle ones you could make those short and have them look like fangs!

  5. Flamingooooooooooos! What do you think of a kelly green cap to simulate the lawn the Pink Flamingo is on? An Angry eye, an extra bent leg, are good ideas. How about a wing, too?

    The vampire squids are really cool too! I don’t have a real problem with the tentacle length. From first glance, I thought it was an alien from District 9 (awesome movie). Maybe a couple changes to features would be beneficial.
    martin lopez, that toy is seriously cool! but 65 dollars for it? ouch.

  6. I was originally going to have 2 legs and an angry eye but I thought it would be interesting to try to make it look plastic and fake but I will make a revision to see how it looks with these suggestions. A kelly green cap would be a good idea too.

  7. I like the simplicity of the flamingos, but agree he could be edgier. I’d also like to see an embroidery map that shows which areas might be raised to give depth, like for the wing.

    Love the squid idea, but am concerned that the vampire cape hides the shape of the head. Hate to see that happen, but that could be easily addressed.

    • Kai, I don’t think it matters what it looks like in real life. I think it should be a traditional squid turned vampire. That way, no one can say it’ll look like anything else and it’ll read as a vampire squid to the uninitiated.

  8. Jesse – Loving the Lawn Flamingos overall concept, although I secretly love the Jason’s potential fuchsia and teal colorway suggestion – I feel that a green brim could do it justice to simulate the lawn below the Flamingo and not take away from the main color of the hat itself (because honestly how many of us are going to be able to rock a fuchsia and teal hat…not to say I wouldn’t).

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