Speak Spanish?

If you do, then you can read this article written by David Fajula of Barcelona, Spain about the Asheville Tourists. I don’t read or speak spanish so will someone give me a brief of what it says?

Thanks David! We’re flattered!


4 thoughts on “Speak Spanish?

  1. a very good article. the guy does a nice job of explaining why certain team merchandise sells regardless of wins/losses. he recounts the history of baseball in asheville and then he gets into explaining how plan b came up with the idea and the process of designing the new set of marks.

    people in the comments say the love the logo, except for the font used for asheville. i disagree with them, that font is one of the best parts of the logo.

  2. This sentence was spot on:

    ” Plan B branding quienes empezaron el proyecto como Dios manda, yendo a ver un partido.”

    It literally translates to “Plan B branding started the project as God commands, by attending a game.” In other words there is no other correct way to begin a project like this than by sitting in the stands and taking in the atmosphere. I heard “como Dios manda” regularly growing up….

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