Cyborg Tikis

Drew! I love this concept, the thing that really is going to work here is that great embroidery can be like wood carving and this design will totally highlight that. I also don’t think you need the white, just a lighter brown maybe even a yellow if you want to tug on my 80s Padres heart strings. Great job!

Jim Debo! Good name. Kinda a futuristic name too! I love this entry. I can see using an iridescent thread for this guy. Maybe just silver? Either way, really cool design and entry. I think this may be our first one-and-done. Way to go!


11 thoughts on “Cyborg Tikis

  1. I re-worked my Waikiki Tikis entry from the Rejects League but I guess somebody beat me to it. Casey, is it cool to submit another Tikis entry? I was gonna send it in today, let me know.

    Jim, i love this entry! I think Casey’s suggestion of Silver thread would work really well, my only suggestion would be a darker fabric to make the cicada pop!

    • Efra, Yeah, you can submit your tiki entry as well. We’ve seen a few tikis in previous Leagues. Maybe add a unique angle to your entry? May the best Tiki win!

  2. Cicadas is awesome! I love the circuit board wings. I think you could even make it a little bigger on the cap too. A+ stuff very cool concept and well executed.

  3. Hey guys, I am kinda new to all of this… kinda funny that there have been tiki submissions before. I havent really been around for the other competitions. It is especially funny that Efra and I both chose the name Waikiki Tikis. This is my first real attempt at using illustrator so hopefully my designs get better. Thanks for the comments guys!

  4. Love them both! Is that a baseball in the Tiki’s mouth?

    I think the cicadas body could be punched up a bit by using raised embroidery to highlight and give it more depth and structure. Start thinking about that in case this hat gets made. Looks great and the colors are perfect.

  5. Jim – Great entry! Your Cicada totally reminds me of that remote controlled flying bug in the 1994 movie Richie Rich :)
    Also, I dig the story on this one.

    Drew – Perhaps you could try and rework the ball in your Tiki’s mouth so it is a tad rounder and more recognizable. I like the idea, it just took me a few looks to get it.

  6. Tikis for the Win!!! Brown on Brown is always a win for me. I think the white eyes pop. It is also possible that you don’t need them. The same can be said about the baseball in the mouth. Wood carving is super rad! I would wear that cap!

    Cyborg Cicadas is also a sweet idea. Even for its own league! The Mad Scientist’s League! Just excellent work. Congrats on the One-and-Done!

  7. Thanks for the comments on the Cicadas guys. Glad you all like the design and the story!

    Ian, yeah, I’ve been thinking about the embroidery already. The thorax could really pop with the embroidery.

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