Prehistoric Culebras Octopi

Ian! Great revision. I love how a complicated design becomes simplistic. Really cool. Great colorway. Done!

Christian! This is an epic name. Full disclosure though, I’m nervous about using the Octopi name because I believe it’s been trademarked. But don’t despair. In the same way that Chris mashed a devil with a sea horse, you too can take this design to a totally new place by mashing it with something else. What about the Flying Octopi? What about making him a fortuneteller and turning his big head thing into a turban. Don’t they use octopi to predict the World Cup? I also want those tentacles to be more dramatic. They should be swirling around him. I think you could really turn this into something amazing. Keep going!

Alright! Ryan and Efra! Good team/mind combo and great design. Simple, dynamic. One-and-done! Lets see another from you guys.


12 thoughts on “Prehistoric Culebras Octopi

  1. ian – yeah sweet (and quick!) rework! and being 100% ukrainian descent, that colorway hits the spot!!! the ukrainian national symbol is a trident, so you’ve even kinda stumbled into a secret mash-up in that way with the marrella design.

    ryan + efra – badass design, but does the colorway need a flip? the first thing i saw was the Cleveland Cavs modern-era “C” (the colorway was a clue)… i think the design is probably original enough that in a different colorway there won’t be an issue (that’s my hope anyway!!!)

  2. I agree with Tanas, a different colorway will most likely add to the awesome.

    It’s fun to see 2 designs with idea’s I also had, during early brainstorm sessions :)

  3. I like the Culebras. I think it could be fleshed out a bit more though. I realize it can be hard with a silhouette but it could use a little more depth and stroke variance, in my opinion.

    Its full of potential though. (and i can see what Tanas is saying about the Cleveland look, but if you fleshed it out i think that might solve the problem)

  4. Whoops. I didn’t realize that “Octopi” was trade marked. I’m sure I can think of something to make him a little edgier and liven up his tentacles as well. Where does it stand on color scheme and usage? Since the octopus is only one color I’ve got some killer ideas for embroidery that will punch it up. Keep the critiques coming please.

  5. Excellent Marrella! The colors pop, quite triumphantly. The Antennae are an amazing addition. I would definitely wear this cap! Great Job!

    The Octopi is cool too! My favorite part is the bat in one hand and his left tentacle is totally doing the Bruce Lee “bring it on” hand gesture. The combination of those two elements is savage! Totally cool! The bat is crowding the head a little bit. What if you moved the bat down to the next tentacle and made the bat more vertical? What if you had two tentacles wrapped around the bat, like a batting stance? I think the center tentacle looks a little thick compared to the rest of them. Maybe split in in half, so you’d have an extra tentacle?

    Culebras! Ole! Congrats on the one-and-done! I’ve been waiting for a red cap from the Clink Room for a while now. Could this be the first? “My sources say Yes.” By the way, my source was a magic 8-Ball. Awesome job!

  6. Christian – Digging the Octopi a stack! I agree with Corey B, thinner tentacles (possibly one more too) and a clearer (more defined) head would make this amazing! – the colorway is ruling so far though!

    Ryan/Efra – Classy entry, just has a little too much of an Arizona Diamondbacks mashed with the Cleveland Cavaliers “C” feel to me, hence a totally random colorway would make this thing a unique hat.

    Ian – Well done Sir on the revision, colors are poppin’ now and the longer antennae make it so much buggier :)

  7. hey guys, thanks for all the great feedback! not gonna lie, that cleveland cavs thing is kinda scary. great eye clinkers!!! been chatting with efra, we feel there is plenty distance from the cavs logo to make for a solid entry.

    a quick note on the colorway process. we felt the yankees colors were represented by the wallbats… the sawx colors were represented by the sea devils… so we threw philly in the mix! and also corey b touched on our thoughts that we need a red fitted in this community.

    FYI, loving the colorways of both the marella & octopi! i can see your entrys with some tight stitching patterns that will really make them pop! both the perfect canvas for a quality, imaginative stitch job!

  8. Ry Co – Glad you and some others are feeling a red fitted, because I have an entry with a huge “Philly” feel to it as well.

    Other than that I’d be keen to see some of the metallic thread used in some entries that suit it (ie. Jim Debo’s – Cicadas)

    Casey – just a question regarding colors
    When selecting colors, is it only the fabric color that can be used for the actual hat (as with the Tiki’s brown hat there is no brown as a fabric in the color swatch?) – that said, I love a brown fitted!
    Also, what about the brim and under brim colors?

  9. Thanks, Everybody. Your comments made the Marrella revision a true collaboration. Couldn’t have done it without you.

    Christian, that eye is fierce! I like the tentacle suggestions. Do that and you’re good to go.

    Culebras, Simple and elegant. Great.

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