Behind-the-Scenes: Base Stealers Pt. 1

Efra’s Base Stealers coming at you with spikes up! Lets kick-off our next drop as we always do with our favorite, a behind-the-scenes look at Efra’s process. The cap will be sneak-peaked Friday and of course, available Sunday!

When Efra sent over his inspiration and sketches he had this to say…

“I spent a lot time thinking about the concept then when I had a good idea it went pretty fast so these sketches aren’t as polished as others you’ve featured on the site. Looking back I really like the 4th sketch, way more simple, but I was dead set on a Mr. Red inspired logo, haha!”

I love that, a man who has a vision. If I remember correctly, I think Efra’s Base Stealers was a one-n-done. Which is always a coup. Check out all these great influences.

Tomorrow, Efra hits the sketchbook.


5 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scenes: Base Stealers Pt. 1

  1. Congrats, Efra! I have always been a fan of the neighborhood watch “shadowy figure” as well – I think its his hat….And Ricky Henderson is pretty friggin awesome.

    This is a landmark for the Clink I think, three collabo releases in the span of one month! The process is really streamlining apparently!

  2. Efra, I saw a sneak at the finished hat. I’m assuming there was a slip up earlier today and the article was posted early and then taken down. Looks incredible.

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