Mustachioed Cane Jesters

Jeffe! He’s back with a vengeance! I really like your mustache entry and the bean-and-cheese colorway really gets my nostalgic blood pumping. But we’ve got a great mustache entry already. While I haven’t decided yet, I’m leaning towards a first-in-line thing, if that’s one of the winning entries. The idea is so simple, it really can’t be improved or changed or added to. But we’ll see.

But! This Canes entry IS the best entry from Jeffe, ever. It’s beautifully designed Jeff. You should be really really proud. I love the hell out of this mark. Great work! One-and-done.

Kevin! Yes, this is some advanced designing right here. Kevin is teaching a master class in one color design. Check out how he gives us a two colored joker’s cap by cutting that middle point of the hat into the positive space with a negative shape. Amazing. I have one suggestion Kevin. I want him happy. Evil happy. Like he died with a Batman’s Joker type smile on his face. He should still be a skull and I think he should still have fangs. Maybe just flip those eyes over? Add a curve to the upper teeth with a few more fangs for good measure? As always, a great entry.


15 thoughts on “Mustachioed Cane Jesters

  1. Kevin’s entry is wicked sick :)
    Should you choose to take Casey’s advice and make him a happy dead, I’d love to see some colorway experimentation to go with that.

  2. El Jeffe – Loving the luscious curves and whiskery feel to that mo! – I think some colorway exploration would make this my favorite mustachio entry.

    Kevin – This totally reminds me of the old WB Batman cartoon.

  3. Like with the Buffalo concept before, Kevin’s concept feels spot on for the “Shadow” League. Great shadowplay where more is made with less, and we’re all the better for it.

    Jeff’s sugar cane bats…very sweet! (pun intended) They have me wondering why that hasn’t been done yet. Color me jealous from that degree of creative thinking. Awesome idea.

  4. Jeff—Very nice work. While I get the sugar cane tie-in, I would love to see a simplified version where there were regular bats holding the flags and the “C” was maybe 3/4 or a life preserver. Just a thought.

  5. I had managed to resist the temptation to send in my Mustachios entry, but when I saw Chris B’s design that was almost exactly the same as my own I had to send it in anyway; if nothing else for the one line in the story about Ron Jeremy’s mustache rides.

    My original idea for the ‘Canes was a simple cane “C” but I had drawn some sugar cane stalks as a side mark, and eventually was inspired to turn them into bats. I added the flags with the original intention of making an “F” shaped mark, but after a little experimentation ended up with the current crest design that I felt was a little more retro which is what I was really going for.

    Digging the Jesters, especially the W shape for Westchester. The eyes is the skull are great, and like Bryan I really like the shadow play in that middle whatever you call jester hat things.

  6. The Canes is very nice. Clever name, good colors, well done all around.

    For the Jesters, I gotta agree with the others who’ve suggested giving him at least a little smirk.

    Overall some stellar stuff so far!

  7. The Whiskers on your mustache are epic, bro! Sort of reminds me of Super Mario! Which begs the question, How come Super Mario never Handlebarred his mustache? Why not Luigi? Our minds are seriously alike in this one. I also experimented angling it more to look like an “M!” In the end, My Original Mustachios’ Mustache was preferred. Remember all those Night Owls Entries from the Night League? And none of them were chosen? I really hope that doesn’t happen to the mustache. You and I can agree that the mustache deserves to be immortalized on a fitted cap! I really liked seeing your spin on the Mustache Team! Well Done!

    The Canes, Jeff! The Canes! While my personal taste doesn’t particularly like Black Caps, the brown Stitching sells me entirely! It’s like Brown Sugar in my Black Coffee. Yummmmm. Congrats on the One and Done! Senor Jeffe, I would wear both of your caps!

    Dead Jesters! Now THAT’S how you use one color. Pretty Amazing Stuff. I think your human skull definitely triumphs over my Fishbone! Maybe it’s the hat! Hmm…. Regardless! Great Job!

  8. LOVE the Canes and the Dead Jesters.

    I wouldn’t change a thing on the Canes at all.

    A wicked smirk would be great on the jester though.

  9. Kevin – You could always try adding in some holes where the jaws meet (like on a skull) on either side of the smirk, to keep that skull feel to it.

  10. I agree with Ian, Jester I think most follows what you guys are attempting with this shadow league. Only one I would consider buying so far.

  11. Thanks for the kind words guys. I will take a stab at a smiling/smirking jester, but I definitely want to keep this version in play, too. I really like it.

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