Congrats SF! 10K posts!

Congrats to Clink Room’s favorite site, Strictly Fitteds, for reaching their 10,000th post. For those of you that may not know this, Nai (Strictly’s founder) was the guy that gave us the idea for Clink Room in the first place. We’re mighty grateful to have met Nai and Strictly is a big reason Clink Room has been a success. It’s one of my favorite blogs and it should be one of your by now as well. We even preview our caps on Strictly before they are sneak-peaked here.

Nai always does things right. Strictly even held their 10K posts party at MLB’s Man Cave in Manhattan. Complete with a Strictly Logo (That we designed!) cake.

Here’s to 10 Million more Strictly Fitteds!

B.T.S. – T.J. Monteiro’s Shams Pt. 1

We already have Shadow League Entries rolling in and they are great! Just what I was hoping for. I was a little worried that I was getting too art school on everyone with this challenge, but I think we’re going to get some great teams from this collaboration.

Oh, and have you seen how fast Chris’ Sea Devils have dipped into the “Only 25 Left” territory? Amazing. Amazing for Chris, amazing for Clink Room, amazing that all you guys are supporting what we’re doing here. Amazing.

Speaking of collaboration! Lets get down with our next Reject League Team. T.J. Monteiro’s Shams. One of my personal favorites from the Clink Room collaborations. T.J. not only gets our sense of whimsy that we love to see, but he’s a fun story teller and a kick-ass designer to boot. If only we could get him to use Illustrator he’d be unstoppable. But even with his use of the vastly inferior Photoshop (Can you tell I have a bias towards Illustrator?) he spins gold. It’s like a chef using a spork to cook you the greatest meal you’ve ever had.

T.J. started with some great influences. I especially like his inspiration of “Black Sheep”, one of my favorite albums from the 90s. If you don’t know their album “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” get to know it. If you like Tribe or De La you’ll love these guys.

T.J. is also an amazing draftsman. Look at these guys. I love the little Wolf holding a fork. Why the fork T.J.? Is he about to eat Goldilocks? Grandma? Wolf chow?

Tomorrow, T.J. finalizes his designs. Friday we preview the cap. Sunday, Shams is available.

PS. Why no patches? I know, it was a fun part of the launches but it got too complicated. Patches were missing from orders, wrong patches with wrong orders. The Clink Room is still kinda a hobby for us so I have to simplify. We’ll have new patches more regularly though. They just won’t be specific to the caps. But that will also mean more caps faster!

Opening Day: Shadow League

Welcome to opening day of the Shadow League! Jason and I are excited to start another collaboration with you guys. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. The Shadow League is more of a design challenge and it’s a difficult one, but we know you’re up for it.

This is how it’ll work: You guys will name your team and design your own cap logos. We will all comment on our favorite designs. We’ll then pick the concepts with the best story, team name, and design. When we get enough designs, then we’ll announce a deadline. For now, consider it a rolling deadline.

This is what you’ll get if your team is picked to be apart of the League.
• You’ll have your cap produced.
• You’ll receive 5 caps for you and your friends.
• And, for every set of 72 caps that we produce with your design on it, you’ll receive $135! When we reorder, boom another $135 bucks.

Name your team: The Shadow League is mostly a design challenge but you still need a compelling team name and story. So, what to name your team? Two ways that I’d attack this problem.

1. Pick an animal and mash it with something else. Like the Sea Devils, a mash-up of a sea horse, a devil, and an S. What about a turtle with hawk wings? What about a bear breathing fire?

2. Use one of the previous Leagues as your guide. The Taco Shop League could be the Tijuana Zebras, a silhouette of a donkey painted like a zebra wearing a sombrero. The Rejects could inspire the Rockin’ Oxen, an Ox head with long horns and a mohawk. The Night League could inspire the Glasgow Glow Worms, a glow worm in the shape of a “G” with big thick framed glasses on a black hat done in glow-in-the-dark thread.

The more clever the better. Don’t be afraid to get goofy. Don’t plagiarize. Don’t use the names of real teams, don’t copy existing designs. Keep it simple.

Tell the story: We love a good story, everyone does! So tell your team’s story. Show some research, show sketches, show inspiration, give your design context. Show us your ideas for giving the logo more life and detail once it’s embroidered on the cap.

Design: You only need to design a cap mark. Maybe a couple supporting marks would better sell the idea to other Clinkers, but it’s not necessary. Keep it simple! It should be one color with the cap color as a background. 2 colors at most. Think of all the great retro logos that use only silhouettes and shadows of creatures as logos.

Some of the logos that I think you could use as inspiration are the Walbats, the Sea Devils, the Detroit Lions, the Indianapolis Colts, the Buffalo Bills, and the Everett AquaSox. Even the Houston Texans are a good example of using silhouettes, simplicity, and shadows to create a powerful effect.

Lets not forget our very own Casper Ghosts. Look at how we hid the “G” in the embroidery. You don’t even need it to be glow-in-the-dark for you to see it either. You could use raised thread or conflicting textures! Check out how we created embroidery instructions for the MishkaXClink Room collaboration. Illustrating your ideas for embroidery is a good idea!

Here are some design tips that we recommend…
• Keep it simple, it has to be stitched small on a cap. No gradients.
• Use icons, it doesn’t have to be a full body of a bear to know it’s the bears.
• Keep it completely original. No use of existing designs.

In the Entry Form folder you’ll find a template for you to submit your team’s story and design. USE THE TEMPLATE. Adobe Illustrator is our preference, but we include Photoshop templates as well. You will also find the thread and fabric color swatches for production. The colors appear dierently on computer than they do it real life, just approximate. And remember…

• Use the templates.
• Keep your artwork in vectored format.
• Save as .AI or .PDF preferably
• Submit as many entries as you like.
• E-mail your entry to
• Please put “SHADOW LEAGUE” in the subject line of your email.

Legal Bits: If your design is chosen for production, you will be presented a contract granting The Clink Room the rights to the design. In order for the cap to be produced you will have to sign the contract and return it to The Clink Room. The Clink Room has the right to reject any submissions. The designer will receive a $135.00 designer fee for every 72 caps produced. The designer will receive a designer fee equal to 5% of the wholesale cost for other products created with the design, i.e. t-shirts, jerseys, etc.

Good luck Clinkers! I know you’ll make us proud. Ask any questions in the comments.

Introducing the Laredo Lemurs!

We unveiled a new team this week. A new independent team hailing from Laredo, Texas. The Laredo Lemurs! Why the laredo Lemurs, well a few million-billion years ago prehistoric lemurs roamed the Laredo countryside. Not to mention the fact that Lemurs is just about as fun a mascot as we’ve ever dreamt up. Here’s the family of marks we created for the team. The mark I’m most excited about is the sleeve-patch featuring a tiny Lemur digging his claws into the player’s sleeve wielding a bat ready to kick some but. There’s also a leaping lemur carrying a Texas inspired flag with a “7”/Star hybrid(Laredo has the distinction of flying 7 flags). If you’re in the Laredo area next year, head on out to the ballpark to see all the fun Mark and the guys at Ventura Sports have planned.

Kick this weekend’s ass everyone! Next week we begin a new collaboration contest. Get excited!

Efra’s Chamucos!

Efra, the father of the soon-to-be-released Basestealers, has started his own thing. His new brand Chamucos, is slang for devil in spanish. He’s giving us way to much credit for the great things that he’s doing, but as a thank you, he sent me this amazing package of his first 1/50 limited edition tee for Chamucos. Along with stickers, a membership card to the Chamucos Bicycle Club, even a pack of my favorite gum! Super thoughtful! Efra has a fun blog as well, full of his inspirations and projects. Thanks Efra and go get em! Support what Efra’s doing over at

Mastodon & AJ Fosik

Great comments yesterday. I have a better idea of what we want to do now. Hopefully we can get our stuff together to kickoff the new contest next week.

I love me some Mastodon (I almost named my son Leviathan after their second album.) and I love me some AJ Fosik (Check his Flickr stream here). And wouldn’t you know it, AJ has one of his amazing sculptures on the cover of Mastodon’s forthcoming album, “The Hunter”. Heaven is what this is, heaven.

The Alphabet League?

The Sea Devils have become the best selling cap in The Clink Room’s short history. Congrats to Chris and thanks to all the Clinkers who grabbed one or two or three. As you know, a close second record holder is Josh Slay’s Walbats. No doubt the Sea Devils are standing on the shoulders of Walbats. Which got me thinking, do we need an Alphabet League? I don’t want a bunch of locked up letters either. I want dogs in the shape of “D”s and Zebras in the shape of “Z”s. Get my meaning? Maybe the Alphabet League isn’t the right name?

I’ve been preparing to launch a new collaboration contest in the next few weeks and to be honest the Sea Devils have me second guessing my plans. Before I get a collective “Hell yes!” for the Alphabet League, let me tell you about my previous concept. I had two ideas that I was mulling over. One was to reopen all the Leagues. You choose which League to design for. The Taco Shop, Skate Shop, Rejects, or Night Leagues. The second addition to that was to leave the contest running, indefinitely. Clinkers would submit entries and we’d crit them a couple times a week. Maybe Monday and Wednesday’s are crit days. It would take longer to get to all the entries but we’d always have something to work on. Periodically we could vote on concepts. The addition to that would be that we’d be more choosy about which entries to post and crit because of the amount of time you guys would have to wait for your posting and crit is already too long. I want everyone to have a crack at having an entry posted, no matter what your design skill level, so we wouldn’t judge on that necessarily. I think we could cut down on the amount of entries to critique by not posting revisions that aren’t drastically different or aren’t drastically improved. I guess I could email you if I didn’t think your entry was ready for a critique from Clinkers?

Or we could open all the Leagues AND add the Alphabet League AND have the rolling deadlines?

Or we could just do the Alphabet League? There are a lot of winners from past leagues that need to be made, and trust that we’re producing and releasing them as fast as we can.

Lets hear your thoughts in the comments. And again, congrats to Chris and thanks to all you guys who grabbed a Sea Devils. Have I told you lately that I love you?(I hate Rod Stewart’s version. I hate Rod Stewart.)