Happy Birthday to Us!

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Schitzo Sting Duckers

Szabolcs! Wow you’ve improved you Illustrator game. Like, by a lot. A lot, a lot. I really like the concept and I think your execution is spot on. There’s a lot of confidence in this entry. Well done. Color me impressed. One-and-done.

Florian! Great revision! I love this guy. I really want a cap with him on it for myself, so that’s a good sign. I like the colorway as well. Way to go! Done.

Jason! Another stellar redo. I love this colorway as well. He’s really an iconic character. How cool would that cloak and flame of hair look embroidered? Super cool. Great work. Done. Next!

Tar Fugu Convicts

Before I get started today. Check out the Fugu’s text. See how it’s all junked up. Ryan picked a great font but since I don’t have all the fonts that you guys will have, you need to select all you fonts and “Create Outlines” under the Type menu in Illustrator. That way, the fonts stay just how you want them. Cool?

Ryan! Despite the messed up fonts, this entry is one of the best of the contest. I’m a sucker for a good story and this has that in spades. Add a talented designer to the mix and boom goes the dynamite. Great revision. Done!

David! I really like the top revised Convicts. I think it’s really cool. Very iconic. Great work. Way to take a crit and make something great with it.

Benjamin! One of the greatest color schemes in sports. And you’ve given us a really cool design. I really like your style. I want a little more story though. What if he was dripping in tar? Get this, a laughing tar-drenched, skull. That would be awesome. You’ve got some great stuff going here, lets spice it up!

Kraken Scare Wrecks

David! Man does this guy go for it. Lets start with shipwrecks. Really like the sailing ship version. What if you overlaid an anchor, that could be the “W”, and had a rope wrapped around it. That could be the “S”. I know shipwrecks is one word but an “SW” done as an anchor and rope in silhouette would be super cool.

Scarecrows! This is a great idea as well, but I want some personality and story with this guy. What if he had a bat slung over his shoulder with a crow sitting on the end of it? Even a murder of crows perched all over his bat, on his head, and across his arms would be great. He’s a crappy scarecrow. Something to liven him up. This theme and your rendering of him is great. Lets take it to the next level.

Chris! Our all-star hitter steps up to the bat and crushes it. Ab-so-lut-ly crushes it. It’s an “8” instead of an “O”. An “8”!!! Genius. Colorway is perfect. This will look amazing embroidered. Amazing. One-and-done. Chris is the master of all that haunts seas.

Flamin Space Pigs

David! Someone’s been hitting the drawing board hard. I like it. Both these colorways are great, the design is great. Great work!

Surfing Skunk Pigs, this is one of those weird ideas that I love as a concept. But it’s a complicated idea and one that is made extra tough with the Shadow League’s restrictions. But you’ve proven yourself worthy with the flaming Peccaries. Can you give us some of that dynamism? He’s a surfin’ pig, right? He should be screaming down the line, barreled in an overhead greenroom.

Stown LTD.! Are you guys a collective? A design firm? Whatever or whoever you are, welcome and I’ll take 2 of whatever you had when you designed this bad-boy. TO be honest this doesn’t not fit the design challenge. However, Clinkers know I like weird and my friend. You got all kinds of weird going on here. I mean that in the best possible way too. Look at those eyes. And that basketball/solar system brain. And what about the miffed expression and the Tuantaun horns. So I put it to you Clinkers, can something be a shadow but also be multi colored. 2 color, sure. But what if we did the Walbats in bars of color. Still a silhouette, right? Stown LTD. will definitely have to ditch the outlines, but I think you can stay firmly in psychedelia and still be a Shadow League team.

UniTrojan Jesters

John! The Unidonkeys may just be the greatest invention ever. I really dig your style as well. Two things, what is in his mouth? and make his horn narrower, it looks like a soft swirl not a super badass unidonkey horn. Ditch whatever’s in his mouth. Make his mouth give us a big ole “He-Haw” and narrow that horn and you’ve got yourself a big contender.

Kevin! Great work! A purple hat is a must for this guy. Evil laughter oozes from this guy. Way to go. Great work as always!

Kyler! Man is Kyler good. I love this concept. How cool would it be to do this in metalics. That green and copper that computer motherboards(???) have. What about ditching the white outline? Make the inner green stuff copper. I know you’ve mastered a style, but you’re so talented. You can do without the outlines Kyler. It’s the Shadow League! I know you can do it!!! Lead the way!

Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Red Sacred Shark Bears

Martin! Someone reads the newspaper. You nailed this on both counts, story and design. I love the bear illustration and the red square story is a great reason to put a square on a cap. I think you’re missing a few opportunities though. What about his top teeth? And there are so many great Russian/U.S.S.R. icons you could have put in there. I have a book on Soviet propaganda posters and it’s full of great imagery. Can you put him in one of those pointy helmets? I know the hammer and sickle don’t have anything to do with M contemporary Russia but maybe you could shoe horn them in there some how? This is a great start. You have the foundation, now lets add a few more details.

Sean! This guy reminds me of the Jungle Book! Have you guys seen that movie lately? It’s incredible how well that movie is animated. Each character is so alive and full of energy. And the music is amazing! I bought the sound track for me and my son to listen to and I’m driving my wife crazy with how often I listen to it. Sorry Sean, this got me excited. I really like what you’ve got going here but I think I’d like to see a little more style to him. Shouldn’t his tail be in a stylistic shape? What about the fur on his head and shoulders? Can we make his hands and the flame larger? I think you’ve got his face looking down, but I think it should be looking straight out. When you meditate you look straight ahead. This is him praying. He should be meditating, right? You’re onto something! Keep at it!

Numero dos! Don’t ask me what Sean put in that blank space. This is a family show and as exciting as the image was, I think it would have been distracting. And would have distracted from this awesome entry. A couple days ago, someone mentioned in the comments that the titles for these post would make great entries. And I do those titles on purpose. I want you to mash stuff together create your entry. There are many reasons to do that. One, is that we can’t get in trouble for copyright infringement if you have a Red Sacred Shark Bear on a cap. A bear, yes. A shark, yes. A bear with a shark fin, no! It also helps to prevent plagiarism and it makes these hats more interesting. So what I’m saying to Sean is, one-and-done. This is exactly what I want.