Red Sacred Shark Bears

Martin! Someone reads the newspaper. You nailed this on both counts, story and design. I love the bear illustration and the red square story is a great reason to put a square on a cap. I think you’re missing a few opportunities though. What about his top teeth? And there are so many great Russian/U.S.S.R. icons you could have put in there. I have a book on Soviet propaganda posters and it’s full of great imagery. Can you put him in one of those pointy helmets? I know the hammer and sickle don’t have anything to do with M contemporary Russia but maybe you could shoe horn them in there some how? This is a great start. You have the foundation, now lets add a few more details.

Sean! This guy reminds me of the Jungle Book! Have you guys seen that movie lately? It’s incredible how well that movie is animated. Each character is so alive and full of energy. And the music is amazing! I bought the sound track for me and my son to listen to and I’m driving my wife crazy with how often I listen to it. Sorry Sean, this got me excited. I really like what you’ve got going here but I think I’d like to see a little more style to him. Shouldn’t his tail be in a stylistic shape? What about the fur on his head and shoulders? Can we make his hands and the flame larger? I think you’ve got his face looking down, but I think it should be looking straight out. When you meditate you look straight ahead. This is him praying. He should be meditating, right? You’re onto something! Keep at it!

Numero dos! Don’t ask me what Sean put in that blank space. This is a family show and as exciting as the image was, I think it would have been distracting. And would have distracted from this awesome entry. A couple days ago, someone mentioned in the comments that the titles for these post would make great entries. And I do those titles on purpose. I want you to mash stuff together create your entry. There are many reasons to do that. One, is that we can’t get in trouble for copyright infringement if you have a Red Sacred Shark Bear on a cap. A bear, yes. A shark, yes. A bear with a shark fin, no! It also helps to prevent plagiarism and it makes these hats more interesting. So what I’m saying to Sean is, one-and-done. This is exactly what I want.


4 thoughts on “Red Sacred Shark Bears

  1. hell yeah sharkbears.

    casey, sure you don’t just want to see a version with a shark tail just for comparison? just an idea, but definitely one of the most appropriate Shadow entries to date!

    oh but new colorway!!! already got my BayBears which is carolina on navy ;O)

  2. Sean – Sacred Baboons, yes! That story is all sorts of crazy :S (and I love it!) Some straight up spooky staring eyes would make an awesome entry even better! Colourway is spot on too, nice work indeed!

  3. Red Square Polar Bears! I was toying with a Communist Idea too. This is a GREAT communist cap! While the bear was a wise choice for this kind of cap (and it’s a great looking bear), I’m having a little trouble seeing that this is a bear of the polar nature. A very challenging task for a black color, but I think you have a good start with a Santa-Esque beard! Keep up the good work!

    Sacred Baboons! Those praying hands are off the hook! I’m actually a fan of the heavy brow, though It looks like everyone is looking for eyes. What if the eyes flamed like his hands! And maybe his hair is a little crazier? Like, wind-blown crazy? I would wear it as is, yet I’m excited to see a revision! Excellent work!

    Shark Bears! Can he go the other direction so it’s reminiscent of the California State Flag? That would be pretty great, you know! Great Shadow Work! Congrats on the One-and-Done!

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