So Close but Lookin’ Good Doin’ It

A couple nights ago, the Omaha Storm Chasers got oh so close to winning the Triple-A Championship. But man did they ever look good doing it! You’ll get em next year Chasers. We designed that Govener’s Cup logo just for you!


6 thoughts on “So Close but Lookin’ Good Doin’ It

  1. Wow…first I’ve seen the Omaha logos and I LOVE them! The logo sets you guys created for the Stormchasers are simply awesome (but, I thought you designed the Governor’s Cup logo for my beloved Phillies farm team the Ironpigs!?!?!?!).

  2. Chasers is so cool. Love that little twister guy.

    Side note: We badly need you guys in So. Fla. to sort out the Marlins mess. They’re killing my beloved baseball team and it’s so depressing. I have a feeling we could end up with the worst rebrand of all time.

  3. Somehow I didn’t see any news about the Columbia Blowfish redesign until recently. The updated mascot is awesome! Any possibility of seeing some behind-the-scenes of that?

    And even further from the point, my hometown Akron Aeros just announced that they will be keeping the Aeros name after it won over 65% of the votes in a re-name the team contest. I’m assuming they’ll be rebranding even though the name is the same… any chance this project is one of yours?

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