UniTrojan Jesters

John! The Unidonkeys may just be the greatest invention ever. I really dig your style as well. Two things, what is in his mouth? and make his horn narrower, it looks like a soft swirl not a super badass unidonkey horn. Ditch whatever’s in his mouth. Make his mouth give us a big ole “He-Haw” and narrow that horn and you’ve got yourself a big contender.

Kevin! Great work! A purple hat is a must for this guy. Evil laughter oozes from this guy. Way to go. Great work as always!

Kyler! Man is Kyler good. I love this concept. How cool would it be to do this in metalics. That green and copper that computer motherboards(???) have. What about ditching the white outline? Make the inner green stuff copper. I know you’ve mastered a style, but you’re so talented. You can do without the outlines Kyler. It’s the Shadow League! I know you can do it!!! Lead the way!

Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


6 thoughts on “UniTrojan Jesters

  1. Kevin – My man! I wanted so much more from your original design (but wasn’t sure what exactly?) and your revision has done it all. A killer smirk! Evil eyes! and a fresh colourway (nice to see somebody other than me use that sweet apple green) A perfect revision from you Sir!

  2. Aussie Ry—Wow, thanks! I really appreciate the kind words. I loved my first version, so it means a lot to hear that you like this version.

    Kyler—Absolutely sick illustration. I would love to be able to master your style. It flirts with the line of it being a “shadowy” entry, and I don’t know if I like it for that, or question it for that. Its a very strong illustration and a great concept. Very well done. I would ditch the white and use copper thread. That would put this over the top.

  3. Wow – I would buy a Jesters or Trojan Horse hat in a minute. I could see the Jesters taking the field in New Orleans with the great green and purple combo – like a twisted combination of voodoo, Mardi Gras, and circus wrapped into one. And, if Silicon Valley ever had a team, the Trojan Horses would be it! Awesome looks. You guys rock.

  4. This trojan horse logo is sick! i was toying around with a Cupertino Chips team, a nagative-space letter in a square circuit board, but this idea blows that away. I could see this hat with either metallic copper thread, like someone said, or else glow-in-the-dark white thread! But i dig this colorway…green and white just is more iconic circuitboard. sooo tight. Seriously…think about glow in the dark!
    I am glad to scrap my idea for something so fleshed-out. Nicely done!

  5. Kevin, I like what you’ve done. It works well and has a good feel. Nuff said.
    Kyler, I like the copper suggestions that were given, and to try to simplify the horse details. Making the silhouette + circuitry tell the story as much as possible.

  6. Unidonkeys! Comic gold! Not only do you have a Unicorn disguise, but a Pegasus, as well! As much as I like the idea of a big head on a small body (taking me back to the days of NBA Jam), I think the Big Head can be by itself. Keep the wings though! Those are glorious. Keep up the good work!

    Dead Jesters! Excellent smirk, eyes, and color! Congrats! You should be very proud!

    Trojan Horses! I would actually wear it as is! Some Copper WOULD be cool. This is just a VERY handsome cap! Very good indeed!

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