Flamin Space Pigs

David! Someone’s been hitting the drawing board hard. I like it. Both these colorways are great, the design is great. Great work!

Surfing Skunk Pigs, this is one of those weird ideas that I love as a concept. But it’s a complicated idea and one that is made extra tough with the Shadow League’s restrictions. But you’ve proven yourself worthy with the flaming Peccaries. Can you give us some of that dynamism? He’s a surfin’ pig, right? He should be screaming down the line, barreled in an overhead greenroom.

Stown LTD.! Are you guys a collective? A design firm? Whatever or whoever you are, welcome and I’ll take 2 of whatever you had when you designed this bad-boy. TO be honest this doesn’t not fit the design challenge. However, Clinkers know I like weird and my friend. You got all kinds of weird going on here. I mean that in the best possible way too. Look at those eyes. And that basketball/solar system brain. And what about the miffed expression and the Tuantaun horns. So I put it to you Clinkers, can something be a shadow but also be multi colored. 2 color, sure. But what if we did the Walbats in bars of color. Still a silhouette, right? Stown LTD. will definitely have to ditch the outlines, but I think you can stay firmly in psychedelia and still be a Shadow League team.


5 thoughts on “Flamin Space Pigs

  1. Nice revision on the Peccaries, the flames are better and losing the outline a major upgrade. Like the second colourway better, (I think) – either way, nice work!

  2. David – I’m with Paul on this, however I’m feelin’ the green n’ gold colourway the most (I find yellow hats a tad bright). That said, Great Revision!

    I think your Surfin’ Skunk Pigs needs some work to work. My Philly Fat Rat could have potentially been a “Surf Rat” but like Casey said it’s just one of those cool ideas that is a tad hard to pull off with the Shadow League restriction’s.

    Stown Ltd – I’m still trippin’ from all those colours and circles! Is this creature some sort of robotic space bear? Perhaps you could put some emphasis on his nose and mouth line to give him a tad more character? Keep up the trippy work!

  3. Flaming Peccaries! Great Flame work! I’m glad you provided a second colorway. Though I must say, the original green background really does surprise me with this one. What a great Revision!

    Surfing Skunk Pigs! I’m actually a big fan of the cap. It reminds me of the California State Flag. Using two colors for two silhouettes is actually a pretty cool idea! At least I think so. Much like your previous peccary, this guy needs his tusks. I think the fin on the surfboard needs to be facing the other way. Like you, I’m figuring what exactly everyone is trying to ask from you. I think everyone is looking for more action. Would love to see how this guy evolves, should you decide to revise it. Keep up the good work!

    Space Pirates! arrrrrrrr! A very sweet character, indeed! Whatever the general consensus is about The Shadow League’s Color limits, I hope you can make it work! This Space Pirate deserves its chance. Let’s see some more!

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