Kraken Scare Wrecks

David! Man does this guy go for it. Lets start with shipwrecks. Really like the sailing ship version. What if you overlaid an anchor, that could be the “W”, and had a rope wrapped around it. That could be the “S”. I know shipwrecks is one word but an “SW” done as an anchor and rope in silhouette would be super cool.

Scarecrows! This is a great idea as well, but I want some personality and story with this guy. What if he had a bat slung over his shoulder with a crow sitting on the end of it? Even a murder of crows perched all over his bat, on his head, and across his arms would be great. He’s a crappy scarecrow. Something to liven him up. This theme and your rendering of him is great. Lets take it to the next level.

Chris! Our all-star hitter steps up to the bat and crushes it. Ab-so-lut-ly crushes it. It’s an “8” instead of an “O”. An “8”!!! Genius. Colorway is perfect. This will look amazing embroidered. Amazing. One-and-done. Chris is the master of all that haunts seas.


21 thoughts on “Kraken Scare Wrecks

  1. Chris! Great Job. Super Clean and sexy just like myself…haha Time to come up with something worthy of competing against this other then a donkey with wings… :)

  2. David, I like the older ship, too. Could this be one color or at most, two similar colors?
    A scarecrow is a neat icon, but I agree it needs more story or extra element to give it more.
    (You’ve been creating like mad. What has been your wait time from sending the email to it being posted here?)

    The 8 could also be of interest to hockey fans. Is there a colorway that could pull in those folks, too. Black and orange?

  3. Scarecrows: My original thought was to add some crows in the sky around him. I will take the suggestions and see what I can come up with.

    Shipwrecks: I too think the Sailing Ship is the way to go on this idea, so I’ll try to work in an effective Anchor/Rope. It might be hard, but I’m up for testing my limits. I’m just worried that the Anchor detail will be lost being that small on the cap.

    Tom Richards: I submitted those designs on the 8th of September. I know the guys are backlogged with entries. I have my Convicts revision coming up, so maybe it’ll be on here tomorrow (submitted the 9th). Sorry about clogging up all the entries guys….

  4. Kraken is fantastic. The delicate handling of the shadows is what puts it over the top for me. Its so graceful that I can just picture the tentacle slithering around. Very nice!

  5. love the Kraken. Would buy this in a second.
    My question is for the site admins. How backed up, exactly, are these submissions? It seems like we see a consistent 3 a day with no end in sight of great submissions, but the actual number of hats that are created form these is 1 run of a limited number. Maybe more submissions shown per day so we can get to a consensus winner quicker? just my 2cents. love the submissions

    Also, any chance of a re-release of the Sea Devils? i missed out on that but would buy one of those.

  6. This is Tom, but NOT the Tom three messages up. I just asked about the submission-to-posting time out of curiosity, so I could guess when mine would make it online. I know they are backed up, which is totally understandable since they are busy. All is cool. No rush.

  7. Shipwrecks! Again with the two color/two silhouette idea! I think you’re on to something. You should definitely add portholes to either ship, maybe a sail? A torn up sail? There are lots of elements you can add to improve on. Maybe take a trip to an old tattoo shop and see what kind of nautical flash they have!

    Scarecrows! now THAT’S a Shadow! One of the better starts to a concept! You took your notes greatly when you submitted your flaming peccaries. I have faith that this will be fantastic!

    The Kraken! Yessssss! Job well done! “It’s an 8 instead of an O!” Glad to see a Rejected Reject from the Rejects League make a TRIUMPHANT return! Impressive sir! Congrats on the One-and-Done!

  8. Chris – Loving your colourway on this one, seafoam green is one of my favourite colours! That tentacle “8” ain’t too shabby either 😉

    David – I’d say flipping the colourway (to the SF one) on the Scarecrow would help a bunch also!

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