Tar Fugu Convicts

Before I get started today. Check out the Fugu’s text. See how it’s all junked up. Ryan picked a great font but since I don’t have all the fonts that you guys will have, you need to select all you fonts and “Create Outlines” under the Type menu in Illustrator. That way, the fonts stay just how you want them. Cool?

Ryan! Despite the messed up fonts, this entry is one of the best of the contest. I’m a sucker for a good story and this has that in spades. Add a talented designer to the mix and boom goes the dynamite. Great revision. Done!

David! I really like the top revised Convicts. I think it’s really cool. Very iconic. Great work. Way to take a crit and make something great with it.

Benjamin! One of the greatest color schemes in sports. And you’ve given us a really cool design. I really like your style. I want a little more story though. What if he was dripping in tar? Get this, a laughing tar-drenched, skull. That would be awesome. You’ve got some great stuff going here, lets spice it up!


3 thoughts on “Tar Fugu Convicts

  1. Fugu! Great puffiness! I think the bats are completely optional. Sure, the Fugu is great by itself. However, the crossed bats WITH the toxic fugu is a clever spin on the poison labels! Congrats on the done!

    Convicts! Fantastic. The top one is definitely the way to go! Job Well Done!

    Tar Skulls! I see the Skull! Not as much Tar, though. I think More Tar is the way to go. Casey’s idea sound rad. Keep up the good work!

  2. Casey – Apologies for the font issue, I’m still a rookie in the adobe game.

    Chris & Corey B – I think that seeing as Casey digs this entry so much I’ll leave it up to him whether the bats stay or go (if this ever goes into production that is). Like Corey B mentioned WITH the bats it screams poison! which is kind of what I was going for. That said, I could also see the Fugu working by itself too… :S
    Either way cheers for the comments!

    David – You killed this revision! Simple and clean. Definitely the top version is the way to go. Thumbs up!

    Benjamin – I too feel this needs more tar, less skull – sort of like the skull is hidden amongst the dripping tar (subtly creating a skull shape) and you’re gold! Great start.

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