Schitzo Sting Duckers

Szabolcs! Wow you’ve improved you Illustrator game. Like, by a lot. A lot, a lot. I really like the concept and I think your execution is spot on. There’s a lot of confidence in this entry. Well done. Color me impressed. One-and-done.

Florian! Great revision! I love this guy. I really want a cap with him on it for myself, so that’s a good sign. I like the colorway as well. Way to go! Done.

Jason! Another stellar redo. I love this colorway as well. He’s really an iconic character. How cool would that cloak and flame of hair look embroidered? Super cool. Great work. Done. Next!


7 thoughts on “Schitzo Sting Duckers

  1. Casey, Thanks for the positive comments, and a BIG Thank You to everyone who gave me feedback on my original submission. Your insight and ideas have proved priceless during this creative process, and I believe the mark is a direct reflection of that. Much, MUCH better in my opinion. So Thank You again, everyone.

  2. Tanas is spot on, Casey with the hat trick on this post!
    Congrats to all on getting the “done”.

    Schizophrenics – Some deep subject matter right there, that is one sweet “S” design. Great use of negative space with the incorporation of the Drama Faces. Great work!

    Stingbats & Sun Duckers – Simplified and sharp. Great Revisions!

  3. Schizophrenics! It’s a little too intense for me! Very deep indeed, Ry. That must mean that Szalbocs captured the subject matter perfectly. Congrats on the one-and-done!

    Stingbats! Looking sweet. We need more red caps in this community! This guy just might be the first! Job well done!

    Sun Duckers! What a revision! I really like the guy’s expression! Glad you were a part of this trifecta of Dones!

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