Happy Birthday to Us!

It’s The Clink Room’s 2nd Birthday! That’s right, the big Numero Dos! And as a way to say thanks for 2 amazing years of your support, we’re offering 20% off everything in the store.

Just enter “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” at checkout and you’ll receive 20% everything in your cart. Everything! The sale runs from September 30th to October 2nd. So get your gettin’ while the gettin’s ripe for the gettin’. We love you and thanks!!


15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Us!

  1. Congratulations to the Clink Room on the two year anniversary! Where did the time go?? I like to propose a toast,
    Here’s to many more years of camaraderie, collaboration and creativity! But before we “Clink” glasses, I’d like to congratulate and thank Jason and Casey for bringing this whole thing together, this site has mean a lot to me personally. Salud fellas!

  2. Just joined the fanfare and want to wish you all a happy birthday and to celebrate i copped the Base Stealers, that Taco Bulls and a Nerd Patch. Thanks guys. Now this puts me 21 deep as a Clinker and 79 for the collection. TJ I think I smells the sale out on that Wall Street Shams seeing that you are about to get below 20.

  3. No problem Casey, think someone may want to check their Facebook page I heard there is a Clinker that makes you guys boxes for a living. Don’t know how true that may be and there is a guy there that wants to be a secondary Clinker with a question about the Casper cap glowing in the dark.

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