Oxford Roo Surfin’ Tikes

Quincy! Really cool design. Great colorway and the way you chose to render the ink was really a cool decision. But it looks like a “Q” to me. Anything to do with you name? If you want to keep it this way then we can come with a “Q” name for it or if you want the “O” maybe make the quill tip the negative space in the “O”? Just a thought. I like it as is though. One-and-done!

Kenny! Great work! Way to take my suggestion. I like it. It’s got a great retro college thing going on. Done.

David! Nice! Stylie board graphics as well. I like it done!

Tony! This is so simple a concept and a design that you’ve kind of stumped me. It reminds me of those plastic children at play signs people put up in front of their house. Which is a good reference. The hat and smile are pretty expressive for having so little to work with. I like his stance as well. He seems ready to go. The white crescent is his arm correct? Try removing the white, making it grey. Not only is that the challenge but I think it’ll make it more clear that it’s an arm. It’s a strange entry. I like it! Change that color.

Rebranding Plan B.

Have you heard? Jason and I are rebranding Plan B. Branding! New name, new logo, and new website! For 11 years, the name Plan B. has served us well. But it’s time to freshen things up. When we started our company, we didn’t know what we stood for. Over our history, we’ve become known for making teams famous and now it’s time for a name that fits the mission.
Our buddies over at Strictly Fitteds were kind enough to do a Part 1 feature on our rebranding for their new magazine section. Part 2 will be available in a few weeks featuring our new name and logo. In the meantime, stay tuned for a fun unveiling event that we have planned. It’s something that all Clinkers and Plan B. fans can participate in, we think you’ll really like it.

Go check out Part 1 of Strictly Fitteds feature “Rebranding Plan B.” here.

As always, kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Centaur Razor Smelting Thai-gers

Mike! Great re-do. I like the colorway as well. Done.

Mike! Like this re-do too. Also a cool colorway. I love that he has bat wings! Done.

Tony! I always get so geeked up whenever I see a smelter in action on one of those “How it’s Made” shows. They’re so huge! I think this logo suffers from an is it paint or is it melted metal problem. I think you could start by really looking at images of industrial smelting. Get that smelting pot really accurate. Then use the melted metal sparingly and make the “K” out of steam or smoke or whatever it is that melted metal throws off. I like you’re colorway but again one color. You’ve got 4 here and that is a long way from acceptable for this contest. You can do it! Make it happen!

Steve! WOW! This thing is awesome. Now, we rebranded the Lakeland Flying TIgers, the Single-A for the Detroit Tigers and we’ve got a couple designs with this basic concept. But I think you’ve taken the Thai-gers to a unique place. The name is great. I love how the wing texture and the stripes jive. You should be very proud. I think this is a one-and-done, but is there a better way to tie it to the Thai part of the story? What about looking at traditional Thai artwork or Thai writting. I’ll bet you could integrate some of those elements into the wing or the stripes without deviating from this design. I don’t want you to make it any more complicated, but a little more Thai vibe could really propel this guy into Hall-of-Fame territory. Great work.

Golden Fire Revolution Sombreros

Brandon! This is so weird. Who is this guy? Is he real? I’m too lazy to wiki it. This guy reminds me of every Eastern Block leader I’ve ever seen a picture of. So I guess you nailed it. I like the idea of making one of these guys a retro baseball character. I think you need to get goofier with it. What about a uni-brow? What if he was swinging a sickle? What if he had epaulets and one of those super tall furry hats with a symbol pinned to the front of it? I asked for weird and you gave it to me. Great work!

Andre! We’ve seen this guy before right? That head is amazing. Really beautiful. I’m working on a flaming bird logo right now, and it’s hard to get that head-to-flame ratio just right. You’ve nailed it. Really cool. One-and-done. Just cause of that head. Jealous.

Fernando! I love me some photos of Zapata. That guy had style. Everyone likes images of Che but I prefer Zapata. That guy knew how to rock a bandolier. Him and Chewbacca. I really like this guy. It’s a really interesting use of the hat as a canvas. I like how simple you went with it as well. Way to stick to the script. One-and-done. Way to go!

Stewart! Man, this guy is gunning for a win. Really appreciate all the effort you’ve put into these designs Stewart. Don’t think that goes unnoticed. Contorting him into a “G” is a good call. I think you need more negative space between his body and the sombrero. Giving it more of the “G” silhouette. Speaking of silhouette. ONE COLOR. You have your marching orders, I know you’re the right man for the job.

PandaKoi Rusty Scape Dusters

Lia! This is so cool that you did this for your bro’s 24th birthday! I think you emailed me about his a ways back. I’m really sorry that it took this long to get to it. But now that it’s here, lets celebrate all the greatness that is this design. While you didn’t stick to the one color script, it’s easy to see this as a one or two color. Orange and black would be great. The koi is great, but the panda is spectacular. Really. You’ve given us a panda with barely any elements to help. You made me and your brother Geoff proud! One-and-done!

Benjamin! Love this revision. Really cool. Great work, done.

Szabolcs! Great use of the one color constraints. I love your story too. Cool USC colorway. One-and-done.

Stewart! How many entries is this for you? This may be the best one yet. Really like the concept. I think you could get away with the plane being all white too. For a plane being a complicated object you’ve done a great job rendering it. Really polished work here. Well done! One-and-done!

Jet Fire Sloth Bears

Thanks to everyone who grabbed our first Clink Kong fitted. You guys are the best!

And, that’s it for new entries! We’ve got about 80 entries currently to post. A lot, I know. Just hold tight. If we received your new entry before midnight last-night then your OK. Just hold tight as we post the remaining submissions. You can still submit an entry but it has to be a revision of a past entry, or a revision of an entry that I’m yet to post but you’ve already sent it. Confused? Sorry. Lets wrap this bad-boy up.

Tom! I love the changes you made to this guy. The goggles are a great touch. You should be really proud of this design. I think it’s super cool.

Sean! Great re-duex of your Night League entry. I think this is a cool logo. I think it might need legs or antennae. It doesn’t read as a bug right away. Maybe wings? Try adding an insect part in there. I think it’ll really bring this idea to life. Great match and fire!

Algot! I LOVE THIS GUY! How did you get so much character in his face with so few design elements? How? Wow, great work. One-and-done!

Szabolcs! Speaking Hungarian in the comments, eh? Well, Köszönöm. Jó Magyarokat itt látni. to you too. Now for your entry and our second sloth themed entry of the day! I like the idea of a sabre-toothed sloth bear. A lot. Prehistoric sloth creatures are something I think about a lot. No kidding. Did you know they roamed North America and we’re the size of a house? That always blows my mind. I think he needs to have longer teeth. Like 2 or 3 times as big. And what if he was holding a bone in his hand? That’s short for “I’m from caveman times.” Maybe a spotted Fred Flintstone toga? Maybe not. Other than that, he’s a great character. Full of personality just like Algot’s sloth. Who knew sloths would be conducive to silhouettes?

Tar Duce Salem Cobras

Benjamin! Great revision. You’ve given this guy all the character that I could have hoped for. Way to go! Done!

John! I really like this concept. And way to stay on theme with the one color. I really like how you’ve broken the flamingo into parts, almost like Northwest Indian art. One of my favorite sources of inspiration! I want the body of our freak of nature here, to be more flame-like. You’ve started to get there but I think you need to take a look at how flames have been rendered in other designs. Maybe take a look at custom motorcycles? Really cool ideas though. This is what I really love about these designs, when they get strange. Not only can no one claim you copied anything, but there won’t be any trademark issues as well. Way to go! Get weird!

Ryan! Speaking of getting weird, Ryan knows how to get there. I like this concept. Almost like the girl on the back of a trucker’s mud-flaps. While I appreciated the dedication to the female form, I think that referencing the mud-flaps girl would be really funny. Slap some horns, hooves, tail, and the metal hand gesture on her and you’ve got yourself one badass babe. If you want to keep her the way she is, make her right arm and hand bigger. Not only will it be more anatomically correct, but you’ll see her hand gesture better as well. Great work!

Steve! Nice concept! A few thoughts, get those nostrils a little more anatomically correct. And while accurate, I think the tongue folding over is tough to read. What if it just came up without folding and you’d get that forked tongue to read instantly. Feel me? Really cool stuff. Way to go.