Tar Duce Salem Cobras

Benjamin! Great revision. You’ve given this guy all the character that I could have hoped for. Way to go! Done!

John! I really like this concept. And way to stay on theme with the one color. I really like how you’ve broken the flamingo into parts, almost like Northwest Indian art. One of my favorite sources of inspiration! I want the body of our freak of nature here, to be more flame-like. You’ve started to get there but I think you need to take a look at how flames have been rendered in other designs. Maybe take a look at custom motorcycles? Really cool ideas though. This is what I really love about these designs, when they get strange. Not only can no one claim you copied anything, but there won’t be any trademark issues as well. Way to go! Get weird!

Ryan! Speaking of getting weird, Ryan knows how to get there. I like this concept. Almost like the girl on the back of a trucker’s mud-flaps. While I appreciated the dedication to the female form, I think that referencing the mud-flaps girl would be really funny. Slap some horns, hooves, tail, and the metal hand gesture on her and you’ve got yourself one badass babe. If you want to keep her the way she is, make her right arm and hand bigger. Not only will it be more anatomically correct, but you’ll see her hand gesture better as well. Great work!

Steve! Nice concept! A few thoughts, get those nostrils a little more anatomically correct. And while accurate, I think the tongue folding over is tough to read. What if it just came up without folding and you’d get that forked tongue to read instantly. Feel me? Really cool stuff. Way to go.


4 thoughts on “Tar Duce Salem Cobras

  1. John: The flamingos have a lot or originality, but not that much dynamism. I wonder what it would look like if you took your great idea and its flame-inspired style and took additional cues from how tongues of flame lick unpredictably and twist upwards. Right now the bird is just so static. Maybe add some bend to its legs and follow it up through the body? The more I look at it, the sticking point for me are the straight legs in contrast to the curling forms of the body and head. If I squint I also see the hint of a “2” in the left-side head, neck and into the body.

    Ryan: I’m going to second Casey’s suggestion of the mudflap silhouette. Using that base with the goat details will read better, in my opinion, because you’ll automatically recognize the woman and the see the horns, beard and hooves. It’s a pretty nice silhouette as it is, but it takes a second or two to understand the shape. Use a well-known silhouette and it will read much faster.

    Steve: Changing the nostrils is a good start, but I’d work on the shape of the mouth so that it’s more clearly a open, fanged snake maw. Maybe twisting the corners up into points will help? The curves now make it look almost like a duck bill – like the duck is glaring down his bill at you. Also agreed that you should let the realistic tongue shape go in favor something that looks more like a conventional forked tongue. The way the open mouth and the eyes play up the negative space is rally nice, though.

  2. Tar Skulls! WAY Cool! I think you delivered just enough Tar on that skull! Thank you for keeping the bone bats! And that new expression is legendary! Congrats on getting that done!

    Flaming Duces! Hardcooooooore. I reckon a two-headed ANYTHING could be a Flaming Duce, but I’m really glad you went with the hot pink flamingo. It’s got a really sweet tribal tattoo vibe going and it totally works! It really pops! Job Well done!

    She Goats! What a bold choice to use female character for a cap! Nicely done! The hand gesture rockin’, but yeah, it needs to be a little bigger. Casey might be on to something if you’d like to try a mud flap she-goat (I think it would be as easy as just removing that bottom leg!). You might even want to try to make the design so that negative spacing creates details (like the line between her bent leg and belly) and outline doesn’t exist. She looks really good in that purple, so maybe you just need to change the cap color. Another top notch entry, my brother from down under! keep up the good work!

    Cobras! That’s pretty neat! I think you strayed just far enough away from the G.I.Joe’s Cobra insignia! I actually don’t have a problem with the bent tongue. I think you executed that very well. The positioning might be little awkward though. Think about it: does the tongue come from the bottom of the mouth? You should figure out a way to make it look like it’s coming from the back of the mouth! I think if you listen to the notes that Casey’s given you, you should be getting a done in no time!

  3. Ben: Sorry I missed you in my first response! Great revision. I love the line quality and varying thickness. The tar dripping off the bats is perfect.

  4. Nathan B & Corey B – Are you two related?…
    Either way I think you’re both onto something by agreeing with Casey’s suggestion of the mudflaps babe. I totally didn’t even think of her, but I think I’m going to give it a crack and see how she turns out, I think incorporating the metal hand is going to be the challenge. Corey – I’m liking her in the purp too, so just going to try and one colour this honey and give her a new colour to sit on. Cheers for the comments and suggestions both of you and hope you dug the story too!

    Ben – That’s better! much more “tar-y” is that even a word!?… Congrats.

    John – I’m digging this concept a lot, just not on that bright yellow hat… perhaps you could experiment with some other colours? Nice work regardless!

    Steve – What a great idea to use the hat as the base of the snake and just show it’s eye, nostrils and mouth! I would have thought there would be a lot more entries similar to this but I think this is the first! Way to go! A little refining and you’re gold.

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