Jet Fire Sloth Bears

Thanks to everyone who grabbed our first Clink Kong fitted. You guys are the best!

And, that’s it for new entries! We’ve got about 80 entries currently to post. A lot, I know. Just hold tight. If we received your new entry before midnight last-night then your OK. Just hold tight as we post the remaining submissions. You can still submit an entry but it has to be a revision of a past entry, or a revision of an entry that I’m yet to post but you’ve already sent it. Confused? Sorry. Lets wrap this bad-boy up.

Tom! I love the changes you made to this guy. The goggles are a great touch. You should be really proud of this design. I think it’s super cool.

Sean! Great re-duex of your Night League entry. I think this is a cool logo. I think it might need legs or antennae. It doesn’t read as a bug right away. Maybe wings? Try adding an insect part in there. I think it’ll really bring this idea to life. Great match and fire!

Algot! I LOVE THIS GUY! How did you get so much character in his face with so few design elements? How? Wow, great work. One-and-done!

Szabolcs! Speaking Hungarian in the comments, eh? Well, Köszönöm. Jó Magyarokat itt látni. to you too. Now for your entry and our second sloth themed entry of the day! I like the idea of a sabre-toothed sloth bear. A lot. Prehistoric sloth creatures are something I think about a lot. No kidding. Did you know they roamed North America and we’re the size of a house? That always blows my mind. I think he needs to have longer teeth. Like 2 or 3 times as big. And what if he was holding a bone in his hand? That’s short for “I’m from caveman times.” Maybe a spotted Fred Flintstone toga? Maybe not. Other than that, he’s a great character. Full of personality just like Algot’s sloth. Who knew sloths would be conducive to silhouettes?


12 thoughts on “Jet Fire Sloth Bears

  1. Monkeys – Nice revision! The only thing I’d say is that shouldn’t the arm on the left have the same definition as the arm on the right? I think it would help balance the logo a bit more too.

    Fireflies – I agree with Casey that it doesn’t read bug right away but it is still a pretty cool logo. Legs would definitely do the trick

    Sloths – I hadn’t even noticed the baseball behind him, that is perfect. I have a soft spot for Sloths and I taught my daughter that Sloths say “meh”.

    Sloth Bears – Very cool design. I agree with Casey that you could pump it up just a little bit.

  2. Glad to see the site up and running again…
    for these last batch of entries and revisions!

    Tom – Nice Re-Do and super cool goggles, what every flying monkey needs! Congrats.

    Sean – Really digging the Fireflies – I say experiment with Casey’s suggestions and you’re gold.

    Algot – My man! loving this dude. In particular the ball going past him! You could bring it a tad closer so it gets seen instantly. I don’t think that would take away from making him look any slower. Also, a yellow on olive or green colourway may be the way to go on this one?…Once again excellent characters from you!

    Szabolcs – A great character for your cave painting theme! Nice, re-do!

  3. Deadline! Best of luck to all the entries!

    Jet Powered Flying Attack Monkeys! Great Revision. You didn’t really have to revise it because I believe you had a One-and-Done! However, you’re a man that strives to make the best even better, and it shows in this design! The goggles are amazing. Congrats!

    Fireflies! Wicked cool idea! Way to show the Night League EXACTLY what it was missing! I think you got PLENTY of fire, now we’re just looking for more fly. The example you provided for the embroidery is fun too: it looks VERY VERY good in red. I think you have one of the best starts for a team in this league. Keep up the good work!

    Sloths! Brilliant! Nice job providing a 3/4 view so that we see it has a Trucker style to it. Which in itself is brilliant because we have this stigma that Truckers and their Big Rigs are so slow! Perhaps I’m reading too much into the design. Not many caps have that effect, you know! Congrats on the One-and-Done!

    Sabre-Tooth Sloth Bears! I must say, I really like seeing teams having these really long names. That can be a new league! Team names have to have a MINIMUM of four words in it (Not counting Location). The ABUNDANCE League! That’s beside the point. I think he’s terrific! My favorite part is that heavy brow and thanks for keeping that Cave-Painters Colorway! I agree with longer teeth! While I like this guy a lot, I kind of wish he had some more action. I think putting something in his hand would probably solve that problem. I would wear both your caveman one and this one too! Keep up the good work!

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