PandaKoi Rusty Scape Dusters

Lia! This is so cool that you did this for your bro’s 24th birthday! I think you emailed me about his a ways back. I’m really sorry that it took this long to get to it. But now that it’s here, lets celebrate all the greatness that is this design. While you didn’t stick to the one color script, it’s easy to see this as a one or two color. Orange and black would be great. The koi is great, but the panda is spectacular. Really. You’ve given us a panda with barely any elements to help. You made me and your brother Geoff proud! One-and-done!

Benjamin! Love this revision. Really cool. Great work, done.

Szabolcs! Great use of the one color constraints. I love your story too. Cool USC colorway. One-and-done.

Stewart! How many entries is this for you? This may be the best one yet. Really like the concept. I think you could get away with the plane being all white too. For a plane being a complicated object you’ve done a great job rendering it. Really polished work here. Well done! One-and-done!


8 thoughts on “PandaKoi Rusty Scape Dusters

  1. Love the Scape Goats. My only critique is that the horns look flat and not rounded. But, that is a very simple fix. Great work!

  2. Lia – Cool name! and a super cool panda/koi – what an idea! Throw a SF colourway in the mix and you’re gold! Great work!

    Benjamin – Great re-deux! He is almost x-men like now!

    Szabolcs – Loving the Scape Goat! Could this be the male counterpart to my She Goat? But once again, I can’t see many Clinkers wearing a bright yellow hat!?….I think this will read creepier if it was red on dark grey or black even? That said, great story and a really great goat! I like the bite mark in his ear (reminds me of my Philly Fat Rat entry) Great entry!

    Stewart – Love this concept! Simple and complex all at the same time. I’m with Casey on this, make that plane white and add some negative space in between the “S” cloud to give it some distinction. I;m also digging the alternate colourway more. Great work!

  3. Panda Koi is a really cool mark, unfortunately it seems a bit too colorful for this league, have you tried to make it one color? Perhaps add some scales to the fish? It could still work.
    With the crop duster entry, I really want to see what it would look like if the plane was on the top and not on the bottom of the S.
    Scape goat could use a busted horn!

  4. Panda Koi! That’s a really cool icon! I would want that as a Lapel Pin! Congrats on the one-and-done!

    Rustclops! Now THAT’S a Cyclops with an identity! Totally digging the shoulders! Congrats on getting the done!

    Scapegoat! Those cracks on the Orbital Socket are the bomb! And the Bite mark on the ear! What a cool idea! Congrats on the One-and-Done!

    Crop Dusters! Sky Writing is a REALLY cool idea for a Type Face! That airplane is the jam and I really hope that there is a way to make it one color. I’d be down for a Doghouse Airplane, ala Snoopy vs the Red Baron! But clearly, the idea is a hit. Congrats on the One-and-Done!

    4 dones in one day! Nice work, my friends!

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