Golden Fire Revolution Sombreros

Brandon! This is so weird. Who is this guy? Is he real? I’m too lazy to wiki it. This guy reminds me of every Eastern Block leader I’ve ever seen a picture of. So I guess you nailed it. I like the idea of making one of these guys a retro baseball character. I think you need to get goofier with it. What about a uni-brow? What if he was swinging a sickle? What if he had epaulets and one of those super tall furry hats with a symbol pinned to the front of it? I asked for weird and you gave it to me. Great work!

Andre! We’ve seen this guy before right? That head is amazing. Really beautiful. I’m working on a flaming bird logo right now, and it’s hard to get that head-to-flame ratio just right. You’ve nailed it. Really cool. One-and-done. Just cause of that head. Jealous.

Fernando! I love me some photos of Zapata. That guy had style. Everyone likes images of Che but I prefer Zapata. That guy knew how to rock a bandolier. Him and Chewbacca. I really like this guy. It’s a really interesting use of the hat as a canvas. I like how simple you went with it as well. Way to stick to the script. One-and-done. Way to go!

Stewart! Man, this guy is gunning for a win. Really appreciate all the effort you’ve put into these designs Stewart. Don’t think that goes unnoticed. Contorting him into a “G” is a good call. I think you need more negative space between his body and the sombrero. Giving it more of the “G” silhouette. Speaking of silhouette. ONE COLOR. You have your marching orders, I know you’re the right man for the job.


5 thoughts on “Golden Fire Revolution Sombreros

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  2. Turkmenbashis! Pretty amazing stuff! I really like how this entry sort of gives us a History Lesson. I need to see this guy as a bobble-head! Job well done!

    Fire! Totally rad-tacular! The colorway reminds me of Superman! Congrats on the one-and-done!

    Revolucionarios! Epic. Another History Lesson Entry! Congrats!

    Golden Sombreros! What creative revision! Part of me thinks that you started this revision before Casey gave you feedback, but that is okay! Way to get ahead of the game! The “G” shape is a great idea. I think I prefer the first sombrero over this one. What do you think of having the Sombrero the same color as the Lizard, or vice versa? I would also give the Lizard more expression in his face. You might even try just a “G” with a Sombrero! I think you have enough feedback, now that you have enough time to apply it. Make it happen, Cap’n!

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys! My Illustrator skills aren’t all the hot but at least I can spin a yarn. Turkmenbashi is a real Turkmeni dictator – though the story about him playing baseball in Butte is highly dubious (or entirely made up by me). He is best known for some of his outrageous decrees including renaming months of the year after his family, banning lip-syncing, barring news reporters from wearing makeup on TV, outlawing long hair and beards, etc. and for constructing golden statues of himself all over the country. Anyway, I just found a propaganda poster of him in one of those fuzzy hats so I’m definitely going to add that to my logo. I’ve been saying people should pump up the weird so I’m going to go for it myself.

    Fire – Nicely done, though I have to admit that I thought of one of my old favorite logos – the Phoenix Firebirds – as soon as I saw it. It’s also more than one color. I have to think there is a way to make it come alive in only one color.

    Revolucionarios – I don’t think our two guys would get along very well. I was worried about using an actual person, so it’s nice to see someone else use a historical figure on the same day mine was posted. Nice work!

    Sombreros – I also think that turning him in to a G is a great idea and I echo the one color comment. He’d look great as a silhouette.

  4. Im so scared of the one color…and I can’t even explain why…I’m going to do it for everyone though…will see what happens…maybe the one color problem is b/c I’m really colorblind

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