Centaur Razor Smelting Thai-gers

Mike! Great re-do. I like the colorway as well. Done.

Mike! Like this re-do too. Also a cool colorway. I love that he has bat wings! Done.

Tony! I always get so geeked up whenever I see a smelter in action on one of those “How it’s Made” shows. They’re so huge! I think this logo suffers from an is it paint or is it melted metal problem. I think you could start by really looking at images of industrial smelting. Get that smelting pot really accurate. Then use the melted metal sparingly and make the “K” out of steam or smoke or whatever it is that melted metal throws off. I like you’re colorway but again one color. You’ve got 4 here and that is a long way from acceptable for this contest. You can do it! Make it happen!

Steve! WOW! This thing is awesome. Now, we rebranded the Lakeland Flying TIgers, the Single-A for the Detroit Tigers and we’ve got a couple designs with this basic concept. But I think you’ve taken the Thai-gers to a unique place. The name is great. I love how the wing texture and the stripes jive. You should be very proud. I think this is a one-and-done, but is there a better way to tie it to the Thai part of the story? What about looking at traditional Thai artwork or Thai writting. I’ll bet you could integrate some of those elements into the wing or the stripes without deviating from this design. I don’t want you to make it any more complicated, but a little more Thai vibe could really propel this guy into Hall-of-Fame territory. Great work.


12 thoughts on “Centaur Razor Smelting Thai-gers

  1. that thai-gers idea would be SO cool as a full body logo in a traditional thai art style. i’m geeked just thinking about how cool that could be in the end.

  2. I think it would make a lot of sense to work some thai script into the logo/sidepanel. I imagine the New Era logo but with the script for New Era instead or even something akin to a traditional Thai tattoo (see. Angelina Jolie’s left shoulder) might fit well. LOVE the logo and concept, will definitely scoop this if it gets made.

  3. Centaurs! Who knew that such a badass character would create such an Epic silhouette! We had faith in you bro, and you delivered! Congrats on getting that done!

    Razor Bats! Check out that slammin’ profile! I was at a Rib Cookoff around Labor Day, and this cap would have sold out there! You make good ribs, by any chance? If so, maybe you could throw them into the cook off circuit and bring this cap with it! Way to get that Second Done!

    Smelters! What an inspiration! A cap like that would get people asking for sure. Like all designs, it starts with a great idea; and your idea is a beauty! It feels like there’s something else you can do to emphasize the smeltiness. How are you going to tell a story of making metal out of earth with fire and put it on a cap? The Industrial Route Casey Suggested is a fine choice; though I bet there’s a lot of sources that date WAY back a couple hundred years. I just read that it played a Major Role in Blacksmithing, back in the day. Definitely dig up some research, and let us know what you find. Great start!

    Soaring Thai-gers! The cap of the hour! It reads right away, and it looks like some clinkers would consider this a one-and-done, if you’d like it to be. I’m not too familiar with Thai Art or Script, but I like the idea of playing with the stripes a bit. Personally, my favorite part is that cloud-like detail just on the shoulder of that wing. This is a fantastic design! Job well Done!

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