Rebranding Plan B.

Have you heard? Jason and I are rebranding Plan B. Branding! New name, new logo, and new website! For 11 years, the name Plan B. has served us well. But it’s time to freshen things up. When we started our company, we didn’t know what we stood for. Over our history, we’ve become known for making teams famous and now it’s time for a name that fits the mission.
Our buddies over at Strictly Fitteds were kind enough to do a Part 1 feature on our rebranding for their new magazine section. Part 2 will be available in a few weeks featuring our new name and logo. In the meantime, stay tuned for a fun unveiling event that we have planned. It’s something that all Clinkers and Plan B. fans can participate in, we think you’ll really like it.

Go check out Part 1 of Strictly Fitteds feature “Rebranding Plan B.” here.

As always, kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


11 thoughts on “Rebranding Plan B.

  1. Congrats on the rebranding! I am very excited to learn more about it, and I am very proud to be in even the smallest way associated with such creative people.

    • Yeah, Efra. There are a lot of “Plan B”s out there. When we picked the name we thought it was pretty unique. But now there’s the skate company, Brad Pitt’s production company, birth control pill. It’s also a little pessimistic. It was a good name to start with. But now it’s time for something that can be our own. Time for a big boy name! Needless to say I’m pretty excited.

  2. Looking forward to finding out the new identity!

    On the new identity finding out tip, I wish you guys would use The Clink Room as a place to let us know when one of your designs drops. I read this blog almost everyday and yet I keep missing teams releasing your work. Just a heads up would be nice. Anyway, keep up the good work!

    Oh, and Derek is right, that is the Chicklets design come to life. Ew.

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