Oxford Roo Surfin’ Tikes

Quincy! Really cool design. Great colorway and the way you chose to render the ink was really a cool decision. But it looks like a “Q” to me. Anything to do with you name? If you want to keep it this way then we can come with a “Q” name for it or if you want the “O” maybe make the quill tip the negative space in the “O”? Just a thought. I like it as is though. One-and-done!

Kenny! Great work! Way to take my suggestion. I like it. It’s got a great retro college thing going on. Done.

David! Nice! Stylie board graphics as well. I like it done!

Tony! This is so simple a concept and a design that you’ve kind of stumped me. It reminds me of those plastic children at play signs people put up in front of their house. Which is a good reference. The hat and smile are pretty expressive for having so little to work with. I like his stance as well. He seems ready to go. The white crescent is his arm correct? Try removing the white, making it grey. Not only is that the challenge but I think it’ll make it more clear that it’s an arm. It’s a strange entry. I like it! Change that color.


8 thoughts on “Oxford Roo Surfin’ Tikes

  1. Thanks Casey! I’d like to leave it as it is so a possibility might be ‘Queensland Inkdippers’.
    As for my name, it’s an unintentional thing but a nice side-effect as i do know there is a Quincy University.

  2. Q – Oxford Quills is an awesome name for an already cool design. Definitely make that change and I think you’re golden.

    Kenny – the new Roo’s logo looks fantastic. Great work!

    David – your surfing pig…so great.

    Tony – The Tyke sort of reminds me of a classier South Park character. I mean that in a good way. He’s got a ton of personality. Nice work.

  3. Inkdippers (Quills) – Gold on black, now THAT’S how you spell champion! How cool that everything just came together like that. Could be an “O” for Oxford, could be a “Q” for Quills! Regardless, Great Job on the design! Congrats on the One-and-Done!

    ROOS! – Check out the single color on that guy! The expression is both accurate AND characteristic. Amazing what a color choice can do, eh? Congrats on getting that done!

    Surfing Skunk Pigs! Now THAT’S a lot of action in that cap! This wasn’t just a Minor Change revision; this was a complete overhaul from your first Surfer and it totally paid off! Amazing work. Congrats on getting that Done! Well deserved!

    Tikes! – Great job using that “K” shape to your advantage! I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it. Way to innovate! It’s a little hard to read, but once you get the idea of where the perspective is (viewed from the opposite batter’s box), then it makes sense. You need to make some changes to help the audience decipher the logo. I think some eyes will do the trick. Fix that hat bill, too. I think those additions will definitely help you tell the story you want to tell while STILL keeping that “K” shape! Keep up the good work!

  4. Quincy – Great entry! If anything I’d suggest increasing the thickness of your horizontal lines, I feel they get a little lost towards the bottom. That said, you got the done so you’re “gold”.

    Kenny – Now that’s a Roo! A nice big Red one! I came across a similar one the other day actually, whilst driving home from work. He stood on his hind legs and puffed out his chest, he had pecs and all! scary stuff! Great re-do!

    David – Hahaha what an awesome stance that Surfin’ Pig is in! Great wave too! You could have pushed this to a one colour (making the white as a negative with an outline for the board). But you got the done, so congrats! Nice re-work!

    Tony – You really get a child like feel to this entry, which is I gather what you are going for, so congrats on pulling it off! Great work!

  5. Wow! Tony’s Tike has some reaaallll SWAGGER!!! Im a lil bias on the color-way…(gave my LunaRovers the same steez 😉 I think you could put some space between the bat and his head (or get rid of it) THIS GUYS AWESOME!!

    I agree with the Quills name change as well.

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