Rain Scare Sea Blitz

Ryan! Fun name. Why aren’t those eyes grey? I’m sure they meshed with the hat or something and that’s why you made them a different color. But all you’d have to do is move the eyes down so they don’t touch the brim of the hat. You’ve got yourself a great entry here. Lets get it in one color.

David! Bam! This is great. I love it. Done. Great redo.

Stewart! This is a great idea. I’ve been wanting a cool sea monkey team. In fact this is one of those team names that I’d love to save for a Florida State League team. What I’m saying is, if this entry gets picked, I’m going to have to change the name to sea apes. But, lets not let that stand in the way of a great design. I like the classic feel to the design. I’d like to see if you could make this a one color design of course. What if you ditched the rope, then you could make the monkey yellow and he wouldn’t get lost. Maybe he could be wrapped around the anchor pointing like he’s found land and pointing the way from his crow’s nest? Great name, damn you. Great start to a design.

Wojtek! This is awesome! I really really like this guy. Simple, elegant and iconic. We always want to use African animals for team names, they have the baddest-ass animals down there. But a Rhino in Richmond? It just doesn’t sound right. But we could do an African League and use all those great animals and they can live in our Never Neverland that we’re creating! This will be the first team. One-and-done! Way to go.

Davis Kraken Logger Crows

Ryan! Davis, CA! I went to school at U.C. Davis for a year before I decided I wanted to go to art school and dropped out. But I really liked it up there. It’s a great school and a great town. Go Aggies! Now to your awesome entry. Really really like this. I love the idea of a dachshund racing in a dog race. I like the goggles on him. Don’t they wear goggles of some sort? Only add the goggles if that’s what the greyhounds wear. I think he should be a number 1 or a 00. Maybe a 100? I’d also raise him up and tilt him 15% counter-clockwise. It’ll make him seem like he’s going faster verses jumping. But again, I really like this guy. Way to go. Almost a one-and-done.

Andre! It’s a Kraken-off! Can you come up with another name? Cause I really like this entry but Chris Cox already has a stellar entry named that. What about the Krakies? Or the Bloody Waters? Or the Eights of Spades? None of those are very good. But this design is just great. It’s a very unique way to use the proportions of a hat. And I love your use of negative space. One-and-done! Way to go.

Ryan! Really stylie design here. I like the concept a lot. We haven’t seen enough beer driven concepts. I’d like to see to homages to classic beer labels and beer mascots. Like the Miller High-Life girl. She’s dreamy. Lets stay on track. I really like this design. But I’m not sure the wood grain would read as wood grain without knowing the name. What about a knot? What if you made the handle a branch with a leaf or two on it crossed with a stein handle? I really think this is an ambitious design and deserves another go-round. Let’s see a revision. Great work!

Zolt├ín! Man I love your name. AND I love this design. I think it’s really cool. What about calling the team the snow crows? I like Albinos too, but I’m always a sucker for a snow theme. I think this is a very impressive design. One-and-done! Way to go!

Eastside Roswell Style Wer-Bears

Joe! Wow! Double Wow! This is spectacular in every-which-way. Really, I’m blown away. One-and-Done. Time for another entry from you? Amazing.

Phil! I really think this is a cool idea. It reads almost instantly that it’s an alien mixed with an elephant. Great work. Another one-and-done. Way to go.

Jon! Another amazing entry. Normally I don’t like a hat on a hat, but this is really sneaky in how it’s inserted in there. The name fits great with the image. I’m a little concerned that the helmet doesn’t read right away, but maybe that’s a positive? I think you have a one-and-done here if you like. But if you wanted to massage it a bit I’d be impressed. Maybe make the eye-holes larger? Maybe make the mohawk (?) red? I do like that you kept it one color. Really great stuff.

Markus! Out of all the options you gave me, I like this one the best. He’s a koala right? I think a little more detailing in his nose could help him become more koala-ish. I think you could ditch the neck. What about a gaping zombie-like mouth groaning for koala flesh? I like the idea of a koala skeleton, have you looked one up? I’ll bet they’re crazy looking. You might need to do a half skeleton half koala flesh face. The skeleton alone might not read well on it’s own. I think all he really needs is a little more attitude. Some aggressive eyes and that zombie mouth. Great call with the Koala, not enough attention paid to those scary little guys. Good stuff lets see a revision.

Golden Chameleon Bee Red Tails

One more week till we stop accepting new entries. That gives you to next Monday to get your new entry in. We’ll spend the next few weeks posting all the entries that are still in line. We’ll also make a last call, just in case we misplaced any entires. As soon as we post your new entry, you get one chance for a redo. If it’s a redo that’s posted after the deadline, that’s it, you don’t get a third shot. If you’re confused, it should become clear over the next few weeks. Just know that as long as you get a new entry emailed to us before next Monday, you’ll be set.

Corey! I really dig this guy. A lot of personality with a very minimal design. SCAD is a great school, you’re on your way to greatness! We could do some really cool bee-wing-like embroidery with that big white field. What about ditching that white outline around the “S” and adding yellow bands in key positions so that it still read like an “S”? Really love this concept, make that small change and I think your set.

David! I love this revision. This little guy just became a big contender. Really, really great work. Glad you listened to me.

Stewart! I’m glad you went for a Taco Shop League team. IS the Golden Sombrero a real thing? If so, you don’t need to add a lizard to the story. What about a sombrero with eyes a mustache little golden cartoon/Smurf legs, and he’s swinging the bat like the Swinging Friar? But you know, striking out for the 4th time. If you made it up, I think you deserve credit for a great name. And I’d still ditch the lizard. I like the idea of a sombrero dude. Feel me? Great story, now lets make this a great golden sombrero.

Stewart! I really like the idea of a more anatomical fox on the front of a hat. And props for not complicated it. I want you to simplify this though. No mouth needs to be showing. Make the eyes red. I’m going to give you the rare “it’s OK to use 2 colors for this design” advice. I think the cream and the black are important for this design. Those colors on a brick red hat would be epic! You’re so close. Just a little messaging.

De Rhino Trike Cholula

Derek! Wow what a beautifully executed piece. I really like the simplicity. I’m a little nervous about copyright. The flour de lea is such a well tread icon. But I think your version may be the best I’ve ever seen. And maybe it’s so ubiquitous that it’s fair game and un-trademarkable. I really dig that old Olympics logo as well. Good stuff. Let me sleep on this one. One-and-done!

Nick! Uh-oh. Check out the Richmond Rhino’s logo we did for the Richmond Flying Squirrels “What could have been Night”. Great minds I guess. This is a great version of that concept. One-and-done with a big sorry about that pal, attached to it.

Tom! Beautiful! This guy strikes my dino-bone in a big way. Wow. What a great name as well. One-and-done! Gorgeous!

Fernando! Super cool concept. We’ve seen a few luchador concepts here in Clink and I’ve liked all of them. But I’m always wanting it to be more specific. What I mean by that is I want the mask to be our Luchador, or tell a specific story to that cap. The Luchador culture has so many great characters and stories all told through the iconography of their make pattern. What story do you want to tell with your mask pattern? Not that you have to do this, but a Clink Kong themed Luchador mask would really get me pumped. Got for it!

Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Broad Flying Roundabout Demons

Danny! This guy is great, and the creature is perfect for the Shadow League. But you’ve got to ditch the outline and go for the silhouette. I think you could get there pretty easy with this design. Just fill in all the dark blue areas with the light blue and make the light blue outline dark blue. Done! Go! Do it!

Danny! See like this! But fill-in those wings. Other than that, this guys is a little bundle of awesome!

Brandon! I like it. Simple and iconic. I like roundabouts too. There like the thinking man’s stop sign. What I like most about this concept is the idea of taking an icon from road signs and mashing it into a cap logo. What other street sign iconography could you riff on? One-and-done by the way. Great work. Another please.

Kim! This little guy is super cool. Great little head. It reminds me of the demons from the Labyrinth. When Jennifer Connelly makes her wish by saying “I wish the goblins would come and take you away. Right now!”. There are all these super scary goblins that are staring into the camera waiting for her to say those words. At first glance I thought that arms and hands would be a good a addition. But now I’m not so sure. I think he’s scarier without them, feel me? Great work. This is a big contender. One-and-done!

New Yorker + Taco Bulls

Hey, check out this photo from Clinker John. It’s this week’s New Yorker cover chillin’ with Kevin’s Taco Bulls in the Kentucky factory where my beloved New Yorker magazine is printed and where John works. Here’s a brief description of what he does to get that sweet sweet rag into my hands each week (I love this “How it Works” kinda thing!)…

“A loose description of what I do is roll storage. What that involves is receiving in rolls of paper, ranging from 1-6000 pounds in various widths and weights. When the job starts running, we check what size it requires, how much, and take it to the appropriate press. There, it leaves my hands, but the printing plates are loaded(4-5 per version, depending on ink/color orders), and ran through. From there, it is moved to the manufacturing side of our building where it is set up on a binding line. NEWY usually takes at least three lines, since it starts production on Friday and we try and get it out by no later than Monday at noon. All the pieces are laid out, and then run through a stitcher/stapler or a cover press when it is square-bound. Newsstand copies are run first, since they have the half-cover overlay, and then mail is run, west coast generally first, then work our way eastward. Office copies and customer copies are run after we think we have all the jinks worked out. Then loaded on appropriate truck, and either moved to a distribution site(newsstand copies) or entered into the mail stream. 1 CSR, 1 roll storage guy, 1 pre-lim/plate maker, 1 ink services, 1 roll tender, 2 book packers, 1 pressman, 1 color tech, 1 hoist driver(at least), 2-3 line feeders, 1 line tech, 1 trimmer tech, 1 backend(catches finished books, puts them on correct loads), 1 shipping hoist driver(at least), and a USPS clerk to check and make sure our loads are going out right and not messed up. A few others here and there(QC, handwork, label-prep, etc.) but that is roughly it. A lot more people involved than what I thought when I started working there 12 years ago. Bigger the book, more people involved at line-feeder stage, but pretty stable manpower before there. On an average week, NEWY takes 130000 pounds of paper 5 times over for the insides of the magazine and 40-50000 pounds for the cover and makes around 1.2 million copies on the high side. We also run a whole lot of other magazines(all WWE magazines, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Game Informer, Bon Appettit to name a few), so it never gets old. Always something to read.”

Thanks John!

Bourbon Musk Arctic Yucca

Ian! I love me some crawdads. That’s one of those things that people either love or hate. But I love em. I’m diggin’ the hat with the feather, but I think the “C” needs to a claw not, what I assume, are two feathers. What about resting the hat on the claws? What about a whole crawdad with a joker hat and scepter? I think you’ve got a lot of good ideas here, you just need to pin em down, make them a little more clear. Feel me? Get to work, I love the idea!

Dave! Awesome retro “M” and the Muskox horns are badass. Great use of negative space. I think this guys is a big contender. That “M is straight out of the Boston Whalers-old-skool. Possible the best source of inspiration. One-and-done!

Dave! Another great design. You’ve really got this shadow thing down. I like the kissing seals and all. I wonder if it might have more appeal if it was just one seal, straight on (already kinda in the shape of an “A”), mouth wide open growling, maybe head turned to the side, maybe straight on. Get me? Great colorway. Now, get to work!

Tom! Another Yucca Mountain team. I like this guy. But he reminds me a little too much of Frank Kozik’s Labbit. Maybe all you’d have to do is make that tooth point straight down and you’d be set. But I’d like to see you push it even further from that. Maybe get that widows peak down further on his head. That would make it more prominent. The idea of a radioactive squirrel is awesome. His tail should be coming up behind him all frazzled, right?