Abernathy Albino Texan Aztecas

Light at the end of the tunnel? YES! I finally can tell you that we’ll be done with posting entries for the Shadow League next Friday, December 9th. Finally! Thanks for all your patience as we wrap this up and start the vote!

Davey! Super cool simple concept. I even like the color way. What if you made the middle portion of the “A” an eye? Or even a mouth? I also think you need to add claws to the right foot of the “A”, just as you’e done to the other side. Other than that great work!

Mike! Whoa! Great concept but that dino looks familiar, too Toronto Raptors-ish. Can you make the dino head more your own? Other than that I really like the concept and how you’ve presented it. Dinosaur and dynamite is a great idea for a mash-up. Get to it!

Tyler! Super super cool. Love the Longhorns reference. Absolutely brilliant! One-and-done!

Fernando! This is how you take criticism! Well done! You’ve made the Aztec glyph concept your own. Very impressive. Done!

Royal Claw Dachshund Ironicos

Adam! Love this guy! Everyone has really got the one color message. I’ll bet that it was tough to not add a highlight color in there. Especially with this guy being such a character driven concept. But by leaving it one color you’ve instantly given it a retro-collegiant-feeling. Really cool! One-and-done.

Jonesy! Done! This guy is all kinds of funky!

Jonesy! I like how much you’ve edited out of this guy! I think you should lower it on the cap. No need to leave space for the lower half of his face. It’s iconic and not an illustration. Done! Love the sherbet colorway.

Ryan! Awesome. I feel like we need to put this little guy in goggles so that he doesn’t get sprayed with military grade pepper spray. But all kidding aside. It’s the most huggable hat we’ve ever seen scoot across our desk. Well done! Done! Go Aggies!

Hare Undead Squid Mines

Jason! Wow, totally out of left field. I like the concept. I think the idea should be OK from a trademark stand point. But I think you’d have to mess with the silhouette a bit more. I mean the Playboy logo is just that, a silhouette. I think you’d need to add fangs that protrude from the shape, maybe make the whole think have a fur texture, even the ears. Maybe open his mouth more so that we see a big open mouth growling profile from the side? I really like the concept so I say keep going!

Brandon! I like it. Simple and to the point. Way to stick to the script. I think a bone-white thread on the black hat is a great call. One-and-done! Way to go!

Gyula! Very cool! He’s like a carnival barker from hell, in the sea. I think the victorian angle is cool. I think I want a couple more tentacles. Maybe a pair of those long tentacles that squids have. No on knows what the “Cthulhu” is supposed to look like correct? I think he probably had a hat and handlebar mustache. One-and-done!

Kyle! Love me a good mining concept. I really like that diamond. Well done. Let’s work on the “M” and the pickaxe. Make the pickaxe wider. Put a divot in the tip of it’s head. Just a small one will create the proper illusion to the interior of the “M” that we need to make this thing more “M” like. The outside of the “M” is at a great ominous angle. The handle of the pick axe needs to follow that same perspective as well. These are actually pretty small changes and I think it’ll take this guy far. Great start! Get to work!

Hailin’ Forester Moose Sirens

Corey! This is great territory for an entry. Iconic and simple, just what the Shadow League requirements need. And the “habit forming” alternate is amazing. Does anyone else want to see her angry? I think that could be a really fun angle. What if she was wielding a ruler like a baseball bat? That would be great. I love the style you’ve got cookin’ here, lets up is with a few story elements. Great start!

Derek! Wow! What a great illustration of a park ranger. Totally masterful. I love this guy. One-and-done! Epic!

Tom! Saw your post on the Clink FB. Your hat along with a bunch of others are on their way. Thanks for staying patient everyone! Someday we’ll get to production right away, but for now, with our limited time we’ll all have to sit tight. Now, lets talk about the Moose “M”. I really love the little touches you’ve given this look. THe shadow under the antlers. The “M” is really unique without getting too complicated. You could even lower that middle “v” of the “M” and it would distinguish it even more. I think the antlers are perfect. One-and-done!

Sean! WOW! I love her! She’s so beautiful. And the colors, and her bikini top, and the fish, and the hair, her hands. Did I mention the color? And look at those references? Spectacular! One-and-done-and-full-of-fun!

Buffalo Snake Mantis Hoboobs

Kurt! Teachers pet! But you know the funny thing about teachers pets? They get straight As! This guy is an awesome version of what I wanted. I want 2 things though. Get rid of that gun. Not because it isn’t awesome, but because New Era doesn’t allow guns on their hats. What if his hand was up in the air? Or what about a coiled lasso in one hand? I think a full blown lasso in the air would distract from the buffalo, but a coiled rope in his hand could be cool. I’d also like to see him in either a cowboy hat or a coon skin cap. After that, I’ll give you the done you so deserve. Epic work!

Algot! Man your style is awesome. I love the dud wearing the hat as much as the C-Snake itself. I really like this colorway and the huge gaps in the “C” turn a simple idea into a conceptual piece. Love it. One-and-Done!

David! Great use of the Shadow concept. The colorway is perfect for the subject matter. I love that you left out the rest of his body. Totally unnecessary and a veteran move. I’m torn on the size of the head though. This makes it retro-scifi which is super cool. But a proportional mantis could be great too. What do you guys think? In any case One-and-done!

Patrick! AWESOME!!! So freaking cool. You know why this is so cool? Not because it’s brilliantly rendered, not because it tells a great story, or that it feels like were in the desert-dehydrated with sunstroke, or that the expression you’ve given him is full of life and character and it’s a damn cloud. No. It’s because I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s so cool. One-and-Done! This was a great round.

Blue Wahoos-Alt. On-Field Now Available

The Pensacola Blue Wahoos (Double-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds) just unveiled their new look tonight. And you can be the very first to sport their new cap. We’ve designed around 100 official on-field caps for Major and Minor League Baseball teams. This is one we know you’ll love.

The Blue Wahoos are named for the majestic beast that lives off the coast of Pensacola’s beautiful beaches. The “P” hook design was chosen from over 50 concepts created for the team. It immortalizes the tenacious Blue Wahoo that snapped the line, bent the hook, and got away. This New Era 59/Fifty features a navy crown and visor with white fishing line and a silver hook.

Check out a behind-the-scenes look at the entire identity at  Brandiose.com. Go Blue Wahoos!

Go to The Clink Room’s online store to get yours!

Check out this photo sent to me 5 minutes ago of the crowd gathered in downtown Pensacola for the Blue Wahoos unveiling! Thanks Clinker Joe Vinson for sending it to us!

Eel Lawn Wereriders

Joe! Again, so into this concept. And the full wordmark here would make a killer snapback. Great stuff. Glad you submitted this. Done!

Jesse! Great job simplifying. I think this is a really cool looking hat. Way to go! Done!

Markus! Another great redo. I love how he’s smiling, but it’s because his face is melting with horror! Love it. Done!

Matt! WOW! Super super cool. I love what you chose to leave in and what you chose to take out. I have two small tweaks. Make is eye socket more simple, you don’t need that extra line under his right eye socket. And, I’d love to see more of a growl out of his mouth. I don’t want to see teeth, but right now he’s frowning and I think you should upgrade that to at least a scowl. If I had it my way I’d go full growl but you make give him your expression of choice. Look at that single curved wave of a line that he did for the brim of the hat. I’m impressed. Lets see those tiny tweaks!