Blue Wahoos-Alt. On-Field Now Available

The Pensacola Blue Wahoos (Double-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds) just unveiled their new look tonight. And you can be the very first to sport their new cap. We’ve designed around 100 official on-field caps for Major and Minor League Baseball teams. This is one we know you’ll love.

The Blue Wahoos are named for the majestic beast that lives off the coast of Pensacola’s beautiful beaches. The “P” hook design was chosen from over 50 concepts created for the team. It immortalizes the tenacious Blue Wahoo that snapped the line, bent the hook, and got away. This New Era 59/Fifty features a navy crown and visor with white fishing line and a silver hook.

Check out a behind-the-scenes look at the entire identity at Go Blue Wahoos!

Go to The Clink Room’s online store to get yours!

Check out this photo sent to me 5 minutes ago of the crowd gathered in downtown Pensacola for the Blue Wahoos unveiling! Thanks Clinker Joe Vinson for sending it to us!


9 thoughts on “Blue Wahoos-Alt. On-Field Now Available

  1. Nice, any idea on what the other logos will look like, or will that be in the “Behind the Scenes” stuff next week?

    Also, will Clinkroom be joining the “Cyber Monday” nonsense, and do any special deals? My birthday runs up that Monday, and I do plan on buying at least 1 of the 4 remaining hats I want, and it would be sweet to get another one or two for the fun of it.

    Anyways, congratulations on the new brand name, and your New Yorker magazine is in the mail.


  2. As @SLAY said, it really is a masterpiece! Will the cap that is shown in the Sneak Peak post also be available for purchase from you guys? T-shirts? Living in Florida, I love catching Blue Wahoo and it’d be pretty awesome to have a shirt with one of my favorite fish.

    Also, I’d love to know if you will have a cyber-monday sale like @John asked.

    thanks for the great work and good luck with the new branding scheme!

  3. Horrible . . . . . I saw the rest of the program. Nothing like using pink and blue as colors for a new “Fierce” identity. I’m sure fans will flock to pick up that merchandise . . . .

  4. Looking beyond the design I just read up on the business dealings. So my Mudcats aren’t my Mudcats anymore, but the K-Indians are becoming the Mudcats? And now Kinston may not have a ball team? Not to be an Eeyore, but I’m feeling more “woe” than “wahoo” now. This feels so Modell.

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