Eel Lawn Wereriders

Joe! Again, so into this concept. And the full wordmark here would make a killer snapback. Great stuff. Glad you submitted this. Done!

Jesse! Great job simplifying. I think this is a really cool looking hat. Way to go! Done!

Markus! Another great redo. I love how he’s smiling, but it’s because his face is melting with horror! Love it. Done!

Matt! WOW! Super super cool. I love what you chose to leave in and what you chose to take out. I have two small tweaks. Make is eye socket more simple, you don’t need that extra line under his right eye socket. And, I’d love to see more of a growl out of his mouth. I don’t want to see teeth, but right now he’s frowning and I think you should upgrade that to at least a scowl. If I had it my way I’d go full growl but you make give him your expression of choice. Look at that single curved wave of a line that he did for the brim of the hat. I’m impressed. Lets see those tiny tweaks!


12 thoughts on “Eel Lawn Wereriders

  1. Matt – the Riders logo looks awesome! I agree with Casey that a scowl on his face would make it even more menacing. I like the extra line under his eye, but you definitely don’t need it there. Very cool work. Great job!

    Jesse – Love the revision of the Lawn Flamingos. The Miami Marlins would’ve been better off going Florida Flamingos and using your aesthetic. I also like the supporting marks. Good stuff.

  2. Riders is great because of the mood created by the design. The choice of colors is great, I think the scowl is a cool idea but I like his expression as is – it’s scary and intimidating without looking scary and intimidating if that makes any sense? LoL I imagine a spirit/ ghost doesn’t need to look pissed off to look like he means business and this works here to me. Nice

  3. Riders is awesome. Its the eyes that make it. I know this is supposed to be one color, but without the red, this just doesn’t work. Amazing work on the hat. This design exemplifies “shadow”.

    Eels is nice. I think it could go a touch larger on the cap, but I am so glad you used the whole word mark. I think it is stronger that way.

    Werebears would make a great skateboard logo.

    I wish the flamingos had some sort of highlight to it to give it that shiny, plastic-y feeling of a lawn flamingo. Or if it had a tuft of grass at its feet. Something so that it doesn’t just look like a real flamingo.

  4. still dig the eels, i think i’m in the minority of the original post, i like the eel solo as opposed to the full name.

    jesse, i see your flamingo is a “revision”, i submitted a yet to be posted florida flamingos too. sorry man, i didn’t realize it was already done.

    the riders is nice, i really like the use of negative space to form the collar. the only part that bugs me is the back of the brim where you have half of the crab-claw style flame, it makes it look like there is something oval shaped sitting back there.

  5. Riders looks awesome! Well done sir. Eels is pretty slick as well.

    Flamingos really has that 50s/60s Florida vibe, you captured it well. I’d sooner wear that hat then the new Marlins nonsense lol.

  6. Still loving the Eels as my overall favorite in the Shadow League. That said, like Derek, on a cap I prefer the solo Eel coiled around the bat to the full wordmark.

  7. Eels! Another Done on the same Design! Incredible Work! A believe a Word-Mark Cap would be a Clink Room First! Way to think outside the cap! Cheers to you!

    Flamingos! Very Sleek! Great designs! Good 3/4 view! I think you found a way to reformat the application for Future Leagues. Granted, it would cost a story section. Either that or the Alternate designs! Way to innovate! I like how the Green Bill serves as a lawn. I wonder if you can make it out of AstroTurf! Congrats on the Revision and the Done!

    WereBears! Thanks for keeping the Papa Shango inspiration! He looks like a Voodoo Zombie Koala Bear! Great job on the cap!

    Riders! Casey is totally right about that Brim on the hat! What a cool design this is! Great work. I wish I was able to give more feedback. His left Cheek could probably use some trimming, maybe? That’s the only thing I noticed, and I had to look REALLY hard at it. At first glance, the design is practically flawless. Toy with the collaboration, for sure! I look forward to see if it could possibly be EVEN MORE Rad-Tacular!

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