Buffalo Snake Mantis Hoboobs

Kurt! Teachers pet! But you know the funny thing about teachers pets? They get straight As! This guy is an awesome version of what I wanted. I want 2 things though. Get rid of that gun. Not because it isn’t awesome, but because New Era doesn’t allow guns on their hats. What if his hand was up in the air? Or what about a coiled lasso in one hand? I think a full blown lasso in the air would distract from the buffalo, but a coiled rope in his hand could be cool. I’d also like to see him in either a cowboy hat or a coon skin cap. After that, I’ll give you the done you so deserve. Epic work!

Algot! Man your style is awesome. I love the dud wearing the hat as much as the C-Snake itself. I really like this colorway and the huge gaps in the “C” turn a simple idea into a conceptual piece. Love it. One-and-Done!

David! Great use of the Shadow concept. The colorway is perfect for the subject matter. I love that you left out the rest of his body. Totally unnecessary and a veteran move. I’m torn on the size of the head though. This makes it retro-scifi which is super cool. But a proportional mantis could be great too. What do you guys think? In any case One-and-done!

Patrick! AWESOME!!! So freaking cool. You know why this is so cool? Not because it’s brilliantly rendered, not because it tells a great story, or that it feels like were in the desert-dehydrated with sunstroke, or that the expression you’ve given him is full of life and character and it’s a damn cloud. No. It’s because I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s so cool. One-and-Done! This was a great round.


9 thoughts on “Buffalo Snake Mantis Hoboobs

  1. Good work here,

    I dont think an open lasso would detract too much with the buffalo, I say try it anyway, but I agree that his shooting hand should be in the air.
    C snakes is so simple it’s great, you got the shapes of the scales just right and the negative space really works together for you here. My only concern would be how it would look embroidered because it will be more 3d and maybe raised stitching would hurt the design? Maybe not. Nice.
    Mantises, cool. I say use thicker lines on the eyes and make the mouth a bit more prominent, and yes shrink the head down a bit, it’s all tweaks but its cool.
    I never knew what a haboob was before, but I kinda did when I saw this. It sounds like a joke word but the design is serious as a heart attack. Love the eyes, at first I though i saw the top of a city scape in the teeth? I didn’t notice the cactus till afterwards though, but that is key, maybe enlarge it a hair or two? This has a mood to it, great way to illustrate a angry crotchety storm. Very tough to do with one color but you handled it, one of the best entries so far.

  2. Hey bear, bet you didn’t know you’s chasing a guy on a buffalo.
    I think if you had his hand up in the air, that would finish it off.
    ♫Guy on a buffalo-oo♫

  3. Thanks for the advise. The coon skin cap is done and I’m digging it. He’s lookin very frontiersy. I gotta toy around with that one arm more though. I’m thinking the arm in the air is going to be the winner. The rope in hand just doesn’t create as distinct of an outline.

    Sincerely, Teacher’s Pet

  4. Haboobs! Outstanding job there, great rendering and maybe the best Clink name ever to boot. Sensational sir!

    That Rasta dude on the C Snakes entry is cracking me up lol. Great design there. Buffalo Riders and Mantises are great as well. Top notch round here!

  5. Buffalo Riders! Epic in all sorts of degrees! Have you tried a coiled up lasso with negative spacing, like you did with the horn on the buffalo? Maybe it’s just like hanging off his belt, like Indiana Jones’s Whip? Though a hand in the air would also be great! The white bill is a bit risky, especially for a frontiersman like this guy. This is a top notch RED CAP! Carry on!

    C Snakes! No story needed for this champion! Only Comic Gold in the form of an Illustration! Cool concept of only using stripes as a design! Congrats on the One-and-Done!

    Mantises! Cooool “M!” The size of the head doesn’t bug (Ha!) me at all. Not only does it capture a Giant Bug SciFi Element, but it also captures a Classic Skull and Crossbones design that screams “DANGER!” I approve of this design as is! Congrats on the One-and-Done!

    Haboobs! There’s definitely a story here! More like an entire Feature Film, with this guy! It’s like having a movie poster as a hat! And I mean that in a good way! Also, RED CAP! I have a feeling that the Red Caps are the new caps for Brandiose! Congrats on the One-and-Done!

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