Hailin’ Forester Moose Sirens

Corey! This is great territory for an entry. Iconic and simple, just what the Shadow League requirements need. And the “habit forming” alternate is amazing. Does anyone else want to see her angry? I think that could be a really fun angle. What if she was wielding a ruler like a baseball bat? That would be great. I love the style you’ve got cookin’ here, lets up is with a few story elements. Great start!

Derek! Wow! What a great illustration of a park ranger. Totally masterful. I love this guy. One-and-done! Epic!

Tom! Saw your post on the Clink FB. Your hat along with a bunch of others are on their way. Thanks for staying patient everyone! Someday we’ll get to production right away, but for now, with our limited time we’ll all have to sit tight. Now, lets talk about the Moose “M”. I really love the little touches you’ve given this look. THe shadow under the antlers. The “M” is really unique without getting too complicated. You could even lower that middle “v” of the “M” and it would distinguish it even more. I think the antlers are perfect. One-and-done!

Sean! WOW! I love her! She’s so beautiful. And the colors, and her bikini top, and the fish, and the hair, her hands. Did I mention the color? And look at those references? Spectacular! One-and-done-and-full-of-fun!


7 thoughts on “Hailin’ Forester Moose Sirens

  1. Love the Park Rangers but he also looks too much like a drill sergeant. I would love if you could add some forresty elements to push it.

  2. thanks guys.

    i hear what you’re saying kevin. i tried some rough sawn bats crossed behind him, i thought it was too much. it could use something subtle though.

    sean, dig the sirens. love the use of negative space and color.

  3. Corey B – Man, I think this is your best yet! I love her expression. I have to disagree with Casey for once though, I think her round chuckling face makes this entry! Very Sister Act of you. So whilst a mean Nun would be cool, I’m attached to her current look. So if you were to include her body with a ruler, make her round! Excellent work!

    Derek – nice work! But I feel this definitely needs another element to make it more fun, less serious. You can do it!

    Sean – Another lady in the mix! I like it. With Corey B’s Nun and my She Goat that makes 3. Nice contortion to get that “S” !
    Tom – nice “M” congrats on the done.

  4. The foresters hat is awesome, one of my favorites without a doubt. Sean, me being from Cape Coral, I am pretty much forced to like this hat. We need to represent SW Florida. Nice job with your entry!

  5. Thanksgiving was sooo great that I haven’t even seen that my entry was up. Thanks for all the comments! It was really to work on.

    Foresters! Has my vote! Way to get the One and Done!

    Moose! Outstanding! It kind of reminds me of the current Angels logo (my favorite team, by the way). Except instead of an “A” for “Angels,” it’s “M” for “Moose” and instead of a Halo, it’s Antlers! A novel idea! Job well done!

    Sirens! What a cool style! Great inspiration! This is a beauty if I ever saw one! Excellent work!

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