Hare Undead Squid Mines

Jason! Wow, totally out of left field. I like the concept. I think the idea should be OK from a trademark stand point. But I think you’d have to mess with the silhouette a bit more. I mean the Playboy logo is just that, a silhouette. I think you’d need to add fangs that protrude from the shape, maybe make the whole think have a fur texture, even the ears. Maybe open his mouth more so that we see a big open mouth growling profile from the side? I really like the concept so I say keep going!

Brandon! I like it. Simple and to the point. Way to stick to the script. I think a bone-white thread on the black hat is a great call. One-and-done! Way to go!

Gyula! Very cool! He’s like a carnival barker from hell, in the sea. I think the victorian angle is cool. I think I want a couple more tentacles. Maybe a pair of those long tentacles that squids have. No on knows what the “Cthulhu” is supposed to look like correct? I think he probably had a hat and handlebar mustache. One-and-done!

Kyle! Love me a good mining concept. I really like that diamond. Well done. Let’s work on the “M” and the pickaxe. Make the pickaxe wider. Put a divot in the tip of it’s head. Just a small one will create the proper illusion to the interior of the “M” that we need to make this thing more “M” like. The outside of the “M” is at a great ominous angle. The handle of the pick axe needs to follow that same perspective as well. These are actually pretty small changes and I think it’ll take this guy far. Great start! Get to work!


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  1. As someone who grew up in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, I’m partial to Providence-based concepts… and the SquidHeads is a dandy! LOVE it!!!

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