Royal Claw Dachshund Ironicos

Adam! Love this guy! Everyone has really got the one color message. I’ll bet that it was tough to not add a highlight color in there. Especially with this guy being such a character driven concept. But by leaving it one color you’ve instantly given it a retro-collegiant-feeling. Really cool! One-and-done.

Jonesy! Done! This guy is all kinds of funky!

Jonesy! I like how much you’ve edited out of this guy! I think you should lower it on the cap. No need to leave space for the lower half of his face. It’s iconic and not an illustration. Done! Love the sherbet colorway.

Ryan! Awesome. I feel like we need to put this little guy in goggles so that he doesn’t get sprayed with military grade pepper spray. But all kidding aside. It’s the most huggable hat we’ve ever seen scoot across our desk. Well done! Done! Go Aggies!


5 thoughts on “Royal Claw Dachshund Ironicos

  1. Casey – I was wondering how long it would take before someone brought that up! I thought Jon Stewart’s comment on the matter was quite amusing “Pepper spray has become America’s car horn.”
    Perhaps an alternate “pepper spray colourway” is in order!? haha.
    Cheers for the “done” he’s now no.1 with a bullet, looking much faster! whilst staying very “huggable”.

    Congrats to all the other revised entries in this post too! looking much slicker! And to Adam’s Bombardeer, that’s just crazy!? in a good way.

  2. All great entries!

    Love the Bombardeers – that dude has a ton of character.

    I can definitely see the ClawDaddies cap being a hit on Rue Bourbon!

    I agree with Casey that the hat and glasses for the Ironicos should be lower; and I would make it oversized – much, much bigger – so that it almost suggests the cap wearer is wearing the glasses and beret.

    And, the Dachshunds is awesome too. For a lark, I’d love to see him with either a baseball bat or hot dog in his mouth while he’s running.

  3. Cheers Casey for the positive response.. I actually thought about not entering cos I thought it would do better in Full colour in a future colab.. But this was my first go, so had a crack any way, and it came out better than I expected.. Hopefully it gets a few votes..

    Thanks to both Aussie Ry and Mike for your support.

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